Zamora to Zamora


What a great day to take the new bike out for a little stretch. Today's little stretch ended up being about 275 miles of some really nice scenery. Started out by meeting Ed at Zamora, then we were off. The area around Lake Berryessa was really cool. These pics above are toward the end of the day. We stopped at Monitcello Dam to look at the big toilet (see later pic).


On our way to Cache Creek. The scenery was like this the whole day. Lots of green land, blue skies, and big puffy clouds.


Ed checking out the his and hers pair of Fat Boys at Cache Creek. We were going to go to Lakeport to have lunch at Renee's, but decided as we approached Cache Creek that we wanted to eat at China Camp!
More scenery on Hwy 53 to Lower Lake


We stopped in Lower Lake for gas, then proceeded on Hwy 29 to head to Lake Berryessa. Took the opportunity to get this pic of Ed just outside of Lower Lake.


Just before getting to Middletown, we took a left on to Butts Canyon Rd. Passed this neat little cemetery on the way.
On the way to the lake, there was this little stretch of road that was lined with hub caps. I would guess about 1/4 mile worth. It all culminated to this section where this field was lined with 'em. Pretty neat to see.


Here's Ed heading toward the lake.
Took a butt break at Smittle Creek. We plan on coming back here with bbq stuff and have lunch.


Really nice area. There's a trail that goes all the way back around the lake.
Stopped off at the Monticello Dam to look at the big toilet, the black hole, or whatever you want to call it. It's just a big hole. :) I was here on the Ptomain to Tomales run. Seems like Terry could have used something like this on that trip!


We ended up following a bunch of other bikes, including one with a sidecar. This guy would take his sidecar up on every right turn he made. I took this pic just as they were heading on to the 505 freeway outside of Winters.


Came back to Zamora for a break before heading home. The wind started to kick up a bit. Luckily, I was heading with the wind. The ride home was nice. Stopped off at Becky's new apartment on the way home and visited with them for a bit. Roy and Joanne were helping her move stuff in, so that's why Roy missed this great ride. We'll do it again soon.