YC to CL


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What a gorgeous day out. It started out a little cool but ended up in the low 80's and pretty warm when we got to Yuba City in the afternoon. It was a great day riding 347 miles.


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On the way to Yuba City, I passed this group of bikes.


Got to Yuba City and met Roy after getting gas.


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Took a quick butt-break, decided on our route, then headed out.


Approaching Robbins.


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Riding through Robbins. Not too many people out today.


Looks like we're right on target!


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Approaching Hwy 505. Nice curvy roads here.


On Hwy 505. The power lines made an interesting perspective.


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On the road to Cache Creek just outside of Esparto.


We were the only bikes at Cache Creek when we got there. Here's Roy with his Road King.


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It was really nice weather-wise when we got here. Walked around the casino and then headed out.


Cache Creek with all the pretty purple bushes.


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Everything was blooming and there were a lot of these purple bushes along the road.


Heading up Hwy 20, the Golden Poppy's were everywhere!


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Here's Roy giving and getting The Wave.


Nice day to be riding by the water.


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Tulip Hill was really pretty.


Lunch at Renee's. Patty Melt, fries, and a diet RC. No brown gravy today. :(


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We ate at the empty table on the patio in the corner. Sitting in the sun felt really good.


More Poppy's along the road.


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Real "Redwoods" along Hwy 20.


Big rock wall. Pretty cool to ride next to.


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New bridge being built.


Approaching Williams Arch.


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Roy in front of the newly built Granzella's.


Me in front of Granzella's


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Our bikes in front of Granzella's.


Jeff, bar manager at Granzella's and fellow biker.


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On the river levee outside of Colusa.


Riding along the Sutter bypass road.


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Riding through the Sutter Buttes. Beautiful day. It was starting to get really warm at this point. Roy tried riding with just his jacket on and all of the air vents unzipped to see if it would be cooler. It didn't work. He said it was still hot.


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Had to stop at Sam's for gas, hot dog, and a root beer float!


Our route for the day.