Yuba City/Grass Valley Loop


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Went on a ride to Yuba City to meet up with Roy. It's a beautiful day.


Trees were all in bloom during this 70 degree day.


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Sponge Bob was even happy!


The cows were all out sunning themselves.


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Just entering Yuba City.




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Roy at the stoplight talking to me through the Chatterbox.


This is the first time I set the Chatterbox up so the passenger can hear the XM radio too.


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Downtown Marysville.


Nice and green on the back side of Beale AFB.


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This road meets up with Hwy 20. No cars and great weather.


Nice curvy roads and beautiful scenery.


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Edge. Poor kitty isn't feeling well. Keeps having seizures. He's a lot thinner than the last time I saw him.


Llamas grazing.
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On Placer Hills Road, someone hung up a bunch of Easter Baskets on the trees! Great view of Folsom Lake out in the distance. What a great day for a ride. 158 miles.