Williams Tour


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Going to lunch at Cache Creek casino today. Woke up to a little bit of fog. Also got my cell phone connected to the Chatterbox. I called Edward as soon as I left, but the connection was bad, so I called him again later and he could hear me as I was going 55mph. As soon as I arrived at Sam's for gas, this guy comes right up to me and starts asking about my bike. He has a V65 Magna but wants a cruiser. Must have talked to me for 5 minutes, then Roy shows up and he starts asking him questions too. Hopefully he'll be able to convince his wife to let him get his bike.


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Beautiful day for a ride.


Hey! Hay!


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Riding through Esparto.


Parked in the motorcycle lot. Had a hard time finding it. It's on the 2nd floor!


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Finally got a pic of me on this page. :) We had planned on having duck and noodles, but we opted for the buffet. Here's my first plate of stuff. Crab cakes, bacon, seasoned pork chop (like shake and bake), egg roll, general chicken, and pai goot (pork ribs).


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Leaves are starting to turn colors.


Crossing over Cache Creek.


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Cache Creek.


Riding along Cache Creek.


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Yes, it's a Cowboy Camp!


Roy riding on Hwy 20.


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Old Williams High School. It's now a museum. I have an old desk in there.


Our old apartments. Sharon, me, and Mom and Cleo have all lived here at one time or another.


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Edward's and then Sharon's old house.


Our store.


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Granzella's. This burned down on 10/11/07.


I spent a lot of time here when I moved back after divorce #2.


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Colusa courthouse.


Crossing over the Sacramento River in Colusa.


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Winding river road just after crossing over the Sacramento River.


Great view of the Buttes.


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Boat racing down the Sacramento river.


Cruising along the Sutter bypass.


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Riding through the Sutter Buttes. Roy calling home to get dinner instructions. It was a good 245 mile ride...except for the nail Roy picked up on the way home in his rear tire.



Ed was in town for a few days on his bike and he went to Williams to see some friends. He stopped by Granzella's and saw Jeff. Jeff let him inside and he got these pics on 10-23-07.
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The bar in the back. Most of the animals and sports stuff was saved.


From the bar looking toward the ice cream area.


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From the bar looking toward the restaurant.


From the bar looking straight on. The shelves on the left held olives and other food.


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Just to the left of the bar, this was a private office that had some wines in it.


From the front window looking in to the restaurant.


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From the front window looking at the restaurant's salad bar. From the front door, the deli is on the right, and this is a small seating area in front.