Whitey's/Tattoo Friday


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There it is. My first tattoo. Hurt like a searing hot knife was digging out my flesh. Luckily, it only lasted about 15 minutes. The top symbol is my last name, and the bottom symbol is for the year my mom was born. Overall, it wasn't so bad. Got it at Sub Q around 7:15pm.


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Fred planned a trip to Whitey's for lunch in West Sac. We were the first to arrive.


Fred, Terry, Scott, and Erik.


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Terry, Scott, Erik, and Fred. Scott has several tattoos, so I asked him all about it before I went and had mine done that night. He gave me all sorts of tips for the aftercare process.


Glen and Terry enjoying their lunch.
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Terry next to his bike.


We filled up the lot with our bikes.


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Scott's bike. Frenched in rear plate and ghost flames.


View from the front.


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Erik's project bike. He will be selling this.


Rear view


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Fred, Glen and Terry talking about bikes and an upcoming trip. Glen, Scott, and Terry digesting lunch.