Walt Gray Make-a-Wish Foundation Ride


Woke up early Sunday morning to get ready for the 2nd annual Walt Gray Ride to benefit the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Ed roared in at 7:15. Roy showed up around 7:45 (he took a wrong turn on the way to my house). The sky was overcast and the weather a bit cool. Good day for a 171 mile ride! We all went to get gas at the Safeway and we were on our way to Sac Harley. We managed to get these two shots with Walt. Really nice guy. Thanks for a great run!


Got to Sac HD just around 8:30. As soon as we registered, we saw Lisa and Guy. I work with Lisa, and Guy just got a Big Dog. We all had donuts and coffee (breakfast of champions) and walked around and looked at all the different bikes. Managed to get in a little shopping in the HD store too. This is a better pic of Guy's bike.


Here's Guy explaining how Lisa had this little suction-cup seat before he got his custom seat. Lisa is very happy with the new seat.


A constant stream of bikes pulling in to the area. There were almost 2000 bikes here.
Sac HD. The store was packed and there were soooo many bikes.


Here's Bob, Ed, Roy, me, and Tab.


Lisa and Guy getting ready to take off.


It was like this the whole way. A long stream of bikes as far as the eye can see.


Even had a police escort! Coming up to El Dorado Hills. Folsom Fred and his wife, Sam, rode with a pack for a little bit at this point. There were so many bikes, I never did see them.


Looking back, headlights go on forever.


Once we got on Hwy 49, there were a lot of twisty roads.


Finally arrived at Sutter Creek. Here's Ed using Oo (the cow) to show us the different cuts of meat! There were a lot of people in the park. If this event gets any bigger, this park is going to be too small. The guy looking at the camera is Joseph. I work with him and didn't even know he was there until I got home and looked at the pictures!


Here's Walt looking really cool with his stogie and backwards cap!


The band was pretty darn good.


The line for food still stretched out way into the parking lot when we were getting ready to leave. I am so glad we got there early and got our food as soon as we got there. I heard that they might even run out of food. Did some shopping there and got ready to take off.


Here's Lisa, Guy, and Tabitha getting ready to take off for Jackson Rancheria Casino. Lisa and Guy decided to stick around, so the rest of us took off for the short 6-mile ride to the casino.

Here's an update...on the way home, Guy drops Lisa off at her house, and on his way home, his backrest falls off! He lost the backrest, Lisa's helmet, and it dinged the paint on the rear fender!

Me, Tab, Roy, Ed, and Bob at the casino. We collectively lost about $75 on a stupid Wheel of Fortune machine. Went home all the way down Hwy 49 through Placerville. Roy, Ed, and Bob went on to Auburn and I took off on Salmon Falls Rd to get home. It ended up being a really nice day for a ride.