Waimea Canyon


Monday morning in Kaua'i. Woke up to a beautiful morning and walked a 1/4 mile to the motorcycle rental place. Got the bike and headed out at 8:30am and went to the hotel to get some stuff. Since Hawaii does not have a helmet law, we rode without the helmet for the 1/4 mile back to the hotel. Felt weird. Once we got our stuff, we headed out for a gorgeous 143 mile ride. We got back right at 5:30. If you ever go to the island's, rent a bike. It's soooo worth it!


Well, we had to eat something, so we stopped off at McD's. Which McD's?


The one in the WalMart, of course! We ate, got some sunscreen, and we were on our way. This WalMart is in Lahu'e.


Headed down Hwy 50 to the Waimea Canyon. This is the community college near Lihu'e.


Heading down the road, I started taking pics like normal. Tab took the camera and started taking pics. She had the camera the rest of the way! She got this great shot in the mirror. :)


The tree tunnel on Hwy 520 on the way to Po'ipu.


Got back on to Hwy 50, took off on Hwy 540 to go to the Kauai Coffee Company. Tab had her choice of 12 different coffees!


Outside on the deck of the Kauai Coffee Company. They had a little museum, gift shop, and tasting room. It had a great view of the ocean just behind us. 


Tab outside the Kauai Coffee Company. Got a cool bracelet for her here.


Got in to Waimea, and in the middle of town, passed this statue. Circled around and parked and got these shots.


It's Captain Cook's Monument. 
Still on Hwy 50, we passed right by the ocean. Very nice scenery the whole day. This is on Hwy 552. This is a really nice road to take the bike on. Traffic was light and the roads were well maintained.


At the Waimea Canyon Lookout. It was our first chance to see the canyon since we started up the canyon road. This is about 3400 feet up.


Got to the lookout and got this pic of these indigenous birds.
The pic at the top of this page is a panoramic view of the whole canyon. It was really neat to see. This pic shows the falls visible from several places along the road, and also, if you look really carefully, you can see a helicopter. It's the little white speck just to the right and slightly above the middle of the pic.


Tab and I with the falls behind us.
As we're leaving the lookout, Tab's thinking, "where's my camera, and what is up with all these %!$%#^@ chickens!!!!


At the Pu'u Hinahina Lookout.
A different view from this lookout.


Continued on and stopped for lunch at the Kokee Lodge. Nothing fancy, just had a hot dog, chips, and a soda.


The lunch place and gift shop are on the left, and the museum is on the right. The museum had a whole room dedicated to the hurricane damage done years before. It's amazing there was anything left standing.


This is as far as we got. The Kalalau Lookout is 4000 feet in elevation. There is one more lookout further up the road, but they had the road closed, so this was as high as we could go.
This was an ocean side lookout. The fog would come in and then it would clear for a brief moment.


Tab enjoying the scenery. You could see Nasa's Geophysical Observatory from here too!


Had to stop and get this pic in front of the Nasa sign. The sign says, "Pacific Missile Range Facility" toward the top, and the bottom says, "Nasa Kokee Geophysical Observatory." Yeah, pretty geeky!


This is a turnout along the road that had a great view of the waterfall.
Tab risked her life by stepping out into traffic to get this shot! (traffic...one car every 5 minutes!) Roads like this the whole way. The scenery was just great! Traffic was light and the weather was perfect.


Stopped off to see where we were going next.


This was at Russian Fort Elisabeth State Historical Park.


Saw this sign and thought it would be neat to tour a sugar plantation. But as we drove along this DIRTY road, that little white building in the middle of the pic was all there was to see, and the parking lot was dirt. So, we turned around and headed towards home.


This is in Po'ipu along the ocean. That building is The Beach House. Great food. Tab's brother had his wedding reception there.


Down the road a ways, there's a place called Spouting Horn. There were a lot of these mini geysers here.


We took the back way to Lihu'e on Kipu Rd. Saw this tree off in the distance. As we were getting closer, Tab snapped this pic. Hmmmm, what was she thinking? :-)


Just before we got to Lihu'e, we crossed over several of these one-lane bridges. This road was very smooth and just meandered through the open fields of Kaua'i.


Here's one of the HD shops we passed. Tab thought this sign was cool. The road split on to two different bridges. If you wanted to make a right turn after the bridge, you had to take the bridge on the right. If you didn't, you had better be really good at merging quickly!


This is on Shipwreck Beach. Tab's brother got married here...on Shipwreck Beach?!?!! Yup!