VTX Debut


What a great day for a ride! New bike, friends and family, and the weather was perfect. Woke up early and met Terry at his place at around 8:30.  This was the first day that I was taking the new "X" out for a long ride. I started out with 13 miles on the odo, and when I got home, saw 296. This was a fun 285 mile day. Since my windshield won't get here for a few more days, I donned the full-face and braved the cold morning. We took off and got to Yuba City at 9:50 am. Roy and Ed were already there. While I was getting gas, they came over to check out the new bike. This bike is great. Lots of power and handles really nice. The combination of power and no windshield, made for a really tiring ride. I definitely had to hang on at freeway speeds! I had no problems keeping up with either Ed or Terry. The VTX is certainly different from the Spirit. I think I scraped my floorboards twice before we even arrived to Yuba City. That's gonna take some getting used to. Overall, this is a smooth running, powerful, and beautiful bike. I'm looking forward to many more rides.


Got to Yuba City and Roy and Ed had to check it out. Today was the first day they have seen it in person. Felt good parking next to them and not feeling like I just parked my baby-bike next to the big boys!


After checking out the new bike and chatting for a bit, we went to WalMart and had breakfast at McD's.


After breakfast, we decided to head down hwy 20 and go that way so Terry could ride the whole Capay Valley.


Just after turning onto hwy 16 off of 20, Terry stopped and helped fertilize the local foliage. He seems to like helping out nature whenever he can. It's not the first time he's been helpful!
Finally, we can get back on the road to Cache Creek for lunch!


Tried to get another pic of the new bike, but Terry was having none of it!


Got to Cache Creek, parked, made a few phone calls, and we were ready for lunch.


Terry and Ed checking out one of the many motorcycles that were there today.
Ed and Terry enjoying the day. Stopped off at Mom's, just before heading back to Yuba City, then finally, home. (Ed took a short ride on the X) Roy and I debated on whether we should get a little gas in Williams before filling up in Yuba City. We both agreed we could make it. Roy hit reserve at about 153 miles, just outside of Yuba City. I had 161 miles and never hit reserve. 3.6 gallons for each of us. 45 mpg for me. Just about the same as my Spirit. It's good to know I can go over 150 miles on a tank. This will come in handy on the desolate roads to Sturgis!