Valentine's Day 2010


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Finally, out on the bike after almost 3 months off of it. It's the first time on the bike since I had the screws taken out of my leg. I was able to wear my normal motorcycle boots without pain! Compare the image above with this one. No more screws! It was a good 252 mile day. A bit cool, but an overall nice day. Roy's new handlebars seemed to help out his shoulder and back.


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Headed out on the freeway and saw this sign. First time I'd seen one like this was last year at Street Vibrations.


On Hwy 70, passed this colorful field of yellow safflower.
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As I was getting gas, Roy pulled up to the gas pump behind me and met me in the parking lot.


Heading toward I-505. Nice and green


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Saw a whole lot of sheep on the way.


More nice green scenery.


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Roy with his new handlebars. He put Edward's old bars on.


Entering Capay Valley on the way to Cache Creek Casino.


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I don't know why, but I like riding on the brick apron.


View from the parking lot at Cache Creek casino. Really nice day out.


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Lots of bikes today. The casino was really packed.


Roy giving one of the many bikers we saw "the wave."


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Hwy 16 heading towards Hwy 20.


Not too much water, but more than in the summer.


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Lunch at Jeff's Freezette. Double cheeseburger, fries, and a diet coke!


Beginning of the river road outside of Colusa.


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View of the Buttes as we're heading towards Yuba City. Passing along the old bridge.