Renegade Toy Run 2004


Woke up to a crisp, sunny, Fall morning. Ed and Roy met me at my place at around 8:15 or so. After a quick rest, we took off for the 2nd Annual Renegade Toy Run to Cache Creek. It was blustery day in the hundred-acre-woods. The wind really took a toll on us and it was hard to keep the bike going straight. But, the day ended with a great 125 mile ride.


After getting gas, we arrived just a bit after 9:00 am. The parking lot was already pretty full. As you can see, there is no way we could have gotten out, even if we really wanted to!


Roy and Ed checking out all the bikes around us.
After dropping our toys off, we headed inside for registration and breakfast (coffee and donuts!) For $12 and a new, unwrapped toy, you got in return, breakfast, T-shirt, run-pin, ride, buffet lunch, and 2 $5 match play coupons. Plus, you also got the warm-fuzzies for helping out some local charities. :)


Ran in to Cheryl and Mike....again!
This is Stacey Hodge, Director of Community Relations for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northern Califorinia, being interviewed by Tara from Good Day Sacramento. The cameraman was filming all of the toys, so I had to be in the background somewhere.


Stacey, someone from the Mustard Seed School, and Tara.
Got to take this pic of Santa and his truckful of toys!


Of course, what would Christmas be without Mrs. Claus....two of them! Santa must have been a very good boy this year!


Here's just some of the toy bins over-flowing with toys.


Terry came out of hiding after retiring.


Terry took this pic of me and one of the Mrs. I looked all around for a chair for her to sit on so I could sit on her lap and tell her what I wanted! ;)


Me and Tab with Santa.
Ed, Terry, and Roy waiting for the start of the run. Tab wasn't feeling too good. I guess the excitement of seeing Santa got to her. You can't tell from this pic, but we're right behind the porta-potties...ewwww.


This was the East side of the parking lot.


Here's the West side.


Saw Rich from Yuba City. Ed is in the middle of a good story. I was standing by my bike looking at this woman, and I knew I recognized her. It's Kim from work and her husband Dave! Didn't even know they rode.


Here's Roy getting ready to take off. Notice his new helmet style? While he was at my place, he dropped his helmet and broke his windshield. I guess he's just trying to look like all the other beanie-cap wearers!


Ed led us out of the parking lot. For as many bikes as there were, we got out of the parking lot in pretty good time.
This is a shot of the event staff taking our picture as we were all leaving. It was a real site to see all of these bikes pouring out of this parking lot. As you can see, we were all packed in pretty tight as we took off. Ed is up there a ways, and Roy is right behind me. We ended up catching each other on I-5 around Arco Arena.


Since we were escorted the entire way, you can see how the traffic backed up at all of the intersections. This is on the corner of Howe and Folsom. We pissed-off a lot of cagers today.


We rode like this the whole way. The wind was so bad, we had to really space ourselves out just in case the wind took us in to the other part of the lane.
We finally arrived at Cache Creek. Tab and Roy are talking about how windy it was. My arms were killing me by the time we got home.


There was plenty of parking. All of the cars were diverted to the parking garage, while all of the bikes got an entire lot to themselves.


We had to park a little ways from the casino, but it wasn't too bad. Getting in and out of the lot was pretty easy.


You can't really see in this pic, but there are bikes all the way out to the street. You can also see that there wasn't a cloud in the sky.


When we got in, we were told there were 6 buffets and 6 bars. We packed the events room.


Once all the people arrived, the place was wall-to-wall people.
Even the Mrs. Claus' ate well! Ed and Roy filled up on chicken, burgers, hot dogs, ribs, tri-tip, salads, and desserts!


Finally ran in to Becky and Allan. Allan is healing nicely from his unfortunate off-road experience coming home from Street Vibes. As you can see, Becky is a two-fisted drinker! (actually, she was holding on to my coke so I could take the pic)


Jan and Rich.
Saw Terry just as I was leaving. He's asking for a handout from someone. I guess he doesn't make enough from retirement! Just as we were heading out to the parking lot, we saw Bill, Allan, Tanya, and Dave. Dave is Bill's brother that we met at the Casino Run. Saw Bill and Naomi at Renegade's, but never ran into them again to get their pic.