Toy Run 2002


On a cold, wet, and windy day, Grass Valley had their annual toy run. Although we didn't ride our bikes up, we went to deliver our toys and check out the crazy people who did ride. The weather cooperated for those who rode, and the parade of over 150 bikes was fun to watch. All sorts of bikes showed up. The rain didn't start until about 2:00. I hope all those riders got home before the storm hit. It POURED!!!! This was Jaesa's first motorcycle event...not sure if it will be her last. :) She'd enjoy the events better if her Mom would let her ride with me!!!! ;)


Mr. and Mrs. Claus lead the way!


My daughter just LOVED the 3 hour conversation about motorcycles. ;-) We can't wait to actually go on a ride with these two. Butch has a HD, and Kathie has a Honda Magna. Update: Kathie is now the proud owner of a Yamaha V-Star 650. Butch, Kathie, Roy and me. We went to IHOP and had a great lunch with them. 3 hours of non-stop motorcycle talk! Thanks again for lunch!

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