Ptomain to Tomales


Cesar Chavez day here in California. What should we do? Terry will prove that the worst day riding, still beats the best day working....or a day at home with the wife! Let's go meet Fred and Sam in Tomales! I met Terry at his house at 7:30, where he told me that Scott would be joining us! Cool!!!! Well, Scott took a wrong turn and we didn't get on the road until around 8:00 am. Highway 80 to Mace Blvd. in Davis, all the way through Winters, passed by Lake Berryessa, Napa, Petaluma, and ended up in Tomales. Terry wasn't feeling well all day. Said he ate something bad at a 6 year old's birthday party the day before. Poor guy. Pictures tell the whole story. All in all, it was a great day to ride. For me, it was 250 miles of fun in the sun (except for the foggy part of the coast).

Terry and Scott in front of Monticello Dam. The warning sign seems appropriate for Terry!


This is the dam. Pretty cool.
Had to stop at The Corner General Store. Terry had a hot chocolate. 2 miles down the road, he didn't have it anymore!


Finally made it to Napa. This is a good place to eat as well as a good place to change your underwear.
Gas stop in Petaluma. Nap #1.


Finally made it to Tomales and Dillon's Beach. We only arrived about an hour late! Fred and Sam fed us (thank you) and then we were on our way home.


Scott, Fred, and Sam checking out Scott's Road Star. As soon as we got to the ocean, Terry hit nap #2.


Terry finally woke up for this picture.


When we were heading out of Napa, we realized that Terry was not behind us, so we pulled over and waited for a bit.
About 10 minutes later, here comes Terry, smiling, since he just got done praying to the bushes on the side of the road.


Just in time for nap #3.
What is everyone looking at?....


Just one of the 4 deer we saw today.
Stopped off again at The Corners General Store. Good butt-break. Where's Terry?....


Nap #4.
Gas stop in Winters. Perfect time for nap #5. This was a good trip. Really cool on the coast, but it was a fun ride and it's always good to see the ocean.