Street Vibrations 2015


Total Miles = 475

Avg. MPG = 46.25

Avg Gas Price per Gal = $2.68

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Another fun year at Street Vibrations. Had beautiful weather the whole weekend.

Jeff, Lori, Julio, Ed, Kay, Me, Roy.


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Bike is all ready to go.


Hardly any traffic, even on the freeway approaching Cisco Grove.


150923a33.jpg (124439 bytes) 150923a04.jpg (134967 bytes)
Cisco Grove rest stop.


My favorite part of the ride. Some water, but with the drought, it's a lot lower than normal.


150923a05.jpg (139850 bytes) 150923a06.jpg (81901 bytes)
On the way to Donner Lake.


First glimpse of Donner Lake.


150923a07.jpg (121269 bytes) 150923a08.jpg (126911 bytes)
Beautiful ride around the lake.


Hit a little road construction coming into King's Beach.


150923a09.jpg (109670 bytes) 150923a10.jpg (142295 bytes)
Found Mark's booth. Edward got new earplugs.


Trike of the Dead.


150923a11.jpg (135055 bytes) 150923a12.jpg (82633 bytes)
Hippy bike.


Traditional pic in front of the Reno Arch.


150923a13.jpg (72777 bytes) 150923a14.jpg (90047 bytes)
This pumpkim patch always has interesting stuff in it.


Edward and Roy getting their HOG pins.


150923a15.jpg (126120 bytes) 150923a16.jpg (141003 bytes)
Edward's dream bike.


Roy's dream bike.


150923a17.jpg (85155 bytes) 150923a18.jpg (120206 bytes)
Ed and Bernadette. We always run into her at SV.


Parked across from the HD store.


150923a19.jpg (114259 bytes) 150923a20.jpg (120706 bytes)
My dream bike, but would like to get a trike.


Breakfast on Friday morning.


150923a21.jpg (90625 bytes) 150923a22.jpg (138026 bytes)
I got new tires on my bike before this trip. Just noticed it has a lightning bolt like Harry Potter!


One of Ed's friends rode up a Norton.


150923a23.jpg (66337 bytes) 150923a24.jpg (73792 bytes)
Star Trek II


Another Trekkie in Reno.


150923a30.jpg (98601 bytes) 150923a26.jpg (118516 bytes)
This dog got a lot of attention.


Really cool dog.


150923a27.jpg (97155 bytes) 150923a29.jpg (103890 bytes)
Got the flavor blast.


Also got the pork parfait.


150923a28.jpg (116130 bytes) 150923a25.jpg (97825 bytes)
Ed and Kay.


Boss Hoss Corvette.


150923a31.jpg (79589 bytes) 150923a34.jpg (91131 bytes)
Circus Circus mirrors. Breakfast with everyone before heading home.


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