Street Vibrations 2011


Total Miles = 521

Avg. MPG = 42.6

Avg Gas Price per Gal = $3.71

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A stay at home kind of Street Vibrations this year. Started out just like any other Street Vibes. Met Edward at the Cisco Grove rest area, quick butt-break, then off to Reno. Overall, I only rode 521 miles, but we still had a great time. Here we are at the rest area just before heading out.


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On Hampshire Rocks Rd, kicked my feet up on the highway pegs. No traffic and a leisurely cruise.


Hit I-80 and they cut it down to one lane. But it really didn't matter, there wasn't much traffic. Road was really smooth.


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Coming in to Cisco Grove rest area. Edward got there just a few minutes before we showed up.


Roy was right behind me.
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While we were talking, this car rolls up and we thought we heard a really sick dog in the back. These two guys open up the back doors and out comes these two ducks. They were going to go play in the water.


Henry wanted to get out and plank on the rock.
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Edward led the way on a very empty road.


Roy was behind me. No traffic at all.


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Approaching Donner Lake overlook. Coming in to Reno, saw these dark clouds over Mt. Rose where we just were. As we rounded the corner to Ed's house, his bike started sputtering. He knew exactly what it was. There's a hose in the gas tank that rubs and wears a hole in it. So after 75 miles or so, the bike starts sucking air. So that's why we didn't ride much this year.


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First stop after we unloaded the bikes...Little Nugget for an Awful Awful.


I finished the whole thing...1/2 pound burger and a pound of fries.


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Roy and Ed didn't eat all their fries, but still did a pretty good job.


After dinner, we walked around Virginia Street and ran in to Bernadette!


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Our obligatory pic in front of the Reno arch. Look at the tall building. Used to be the Fitzgerald. They're building the tallest rock climbing wall on the outside of the building.


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While we were having our burgers, these two girls came in wearing hardly anything. They were advertising for a club or something. :)


On our way home, we stopped by Rene's work and had a soda.
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Roy with Rene.


Got to meet Rene's fiance too.


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Arrived downtown at Circus Circus the next day and parked in our normal spot.


Walking in, saw this funny sign. I always knew I was special! :)


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Walking through Circus Circus, most of the lights were off. These two ladies laughed as they walked by as I took the pic.


Saw them on the escalator just a few minutes later.
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While walking around the events center, saw this booth with some cool shirts. These are the F'ing Ride ladies, Nicole and Janette. Really nice and friendly and they have some awesome clothing. Check them out at


Walking around Reno, ran in to Steve and Peggy, Ed's friends.
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Went back to the events center so the F'ing Ride ladies could take a picture with Henry. My first big purchase was a new leather jacket from Hot Leathers. Michelle and Lisa helped me pick out my jacket. Lisa had this crazy accent from Boston. Henry got his picture with them too.


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Rode to Sparks to check out the vendors there and to meet up with Jeff. Saw these two ladies in the parking lot.


They had an outdoor bar with dancing ladies.
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Raffle ticket lady.


Beer sellers. Good thing it was a little warm out.


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In the Silver Legacy, ran in to the bikini contest.


This one was really popular, but only when she turned around.


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She got a lot of applause when she turned around.


All the contestants waiting for their final walk across stage.


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The host had a fun time!


The girls did as much as they could to sway the vote.


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This one had a really nice smile.


I never could read what her tattoo said.


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Leaving Circus Circus with Ed, Roy, and Jeff. Friday morning, Jeff met us for breakfast. Here's Ed explaining what's wrong with his bike.


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On our way to Carson City HD, saw this scooter among all the other bikes.


Approaching Carson City, saw this hang glider.


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Roy asking about a cruise control system for his bike. Found out they discontinued it. He was debating on whether to get the cruise control system he saw in the events center the other day.


These girls were handing out dog tags to those people that seemed like they would be heavy drinkers!
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Parade of girls advertising something.


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This lady was nice enough to pose for me.


Edward took this pic of me taking her pic.


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Me and Ed.


Roy and Ed.


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There were a lot of bikes here today.


Thought this bike had a cool paint job. Turned out to be just bugs.


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Getting ready to leave Carson City, saw this lady ride up with blond ponytails on her helmet. Come to find out, it's Bernadette's roommate.


Riding home off the freeway.
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Decided to get a root beer float at Sam's.


More beer girls.


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Ed and Roy with their HOG pins.


Edward on his dream bike.


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I could barely reach.


This is more my style. Only $34,000!


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Roy really wants this bike.


Saw this guy with the biggest lifts on his boots.


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We are going to try this place next year...hopefully.


Cool bike outside Reno HD.


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Getting ready to leave Reno HD.


Caught these geese flying overhead on the way to Ed's house.


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Wore my F'ing Ride shirt, so I stopped back in to see Nicole and Janette. Reno and Ed in the middle of Virginia St. Not a lot of people out. Probably due to the shooting in Sparks the night before.


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Ed's been wanting a pic with this street sign ever since he moved to Reno. Got back to Ed's place, ate a lot of chicken wings, then started working on my new cruise control.


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Went to dinner at Scott and Kitty's. Ed showed us these mugs that have been sitting outside of Scott and Kitty's house for about 2 years.


Huge mugs, great for soup.
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Kitty let the chickens out. They really like being petted and cuddled.


Roy in front of Jack's Cafe. Breakfast before heading home.


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At the Mt. Rose summit, the clouds started looking ominous.


Another ride on an empty road. Perfect!


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Heading out of Auburn, Sacramento is cloud-covered. Ended up getting a little rained on just before I got home. New cruise control. It's called the Brake-Away. Works great.