Street Vibrations 2010


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712 miles this year for a fun time at Reno's Street Vibrations. The theme this year at Street Vibes was, "Takin' back the streets". We talked to a lot of vendors, and they all hated how this year's event was setup. Downtown Reno looked like a ghost town. Sparks had a decent setup for the vendors, but it sure did draw all the bikes away from downtown. Here's their write-up:

NEW THIS YEAR! We are expanding into Sparks. This year, all the big rigs and most of the outdoor vendors will be on Victorian Avenue. We're takin' back the streets in Reno. There will be bike parking on Virginia Street, food vendors at three locations, live entertainment and loads of vendors in the Reno Events Center and the Reno Ballroom. That's not enough for you? OK, how about vendors at select locations in Virginia City. Need more? Let's put vendors, entertainment and food and beverage at Reno Harley-Davidson®.

This pic is at Emerald Bay on Thursday.


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Street Vibes 2010 started out around 8am on the way to Grass Valley to meet up with Roy.


Lucy played a little fetch while breakfast was cooking.


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Finally got ready and left Grass Valley around 11am to meet Edward at Cisco Grove. Roy's Chatterbox wasn't working, so at one of our many road construction stops, he checked it out to see if it was just a loose connection. It wasn't, so he could just listen and not talk.


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Got to ride on the other side of the road for a while.


Hwy 20 was pretty much empty and the weather was perfect!


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Coming in to the Cisco Grove rest area. Ed got this pic of us.


Took a quick butt break and enjoyed the weather.


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Roy and Ed talking about which way to turn to get to Reno.


Riding along Hampshire Rocks Rd. No traffic, smooth road, cool breeze.


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Approaching the Donner Lake overlook, spotted the big smoke plume. Didn't stop at the overlook and on the way down toward the lake, there was an electronic sign that said something like, "please don't call, it's a controlled burn and we know about it."


Riding along Donner Lake. Again, no traffic.
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Entering Nevada.


Almost to Edward's ToughShed.


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After unpacking the bikes, the first thing we did was head to Sparks to get my new tires. Their "deal" was, buy the rear tire, get the front for only $50. However, they charged $200 for the rear tire that's normally about $150! All in all, I don't think I saved any money, but it was done, it was quick, and I was the only bike there, if not the first bike, to get new tires on at their trailer.


After getting new tires, we rode to downtown Reno to see if there was anything going on, and we passed the bus station with this suspended bus. Edward said the city used the stimulus money to fund this project. Estimated cost...$250,000.
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Riding to Circus Circus, we passed the Events center, and when the sun reflects off the building, it puts these colored dots on the street below.


Standing in the middle of Circus Circus. Not a lot of people here.
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I want to win what this guy won! Why doesn't he look happier about it???? Maybe the hummer was from one of the locals on 4th St? Downtown Reno. Normally, on a Wednesday afternoon, there are a bunch of people looking at vendors, bikes, whatever, but today, I think we counted 4 other people on the street. I guess this is what "taking back the streets" looks like.


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Sitting in the Little Nugget Diner waiting for...


...our Awful Awful! Awful big, awful good. And a pound of fries too!


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Roy and me with our requisite photo in front of the Reno sign. Roy and Ed in front of the Reno sign. Most years, we have to wait for the people to get out of the way so we can get our pic. This year, there wasn't ANY problem with crowds of people.


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Inside the Silver Legacy.


Got a new's a space shuttle!


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Thursday morning, we stopped at Denny's for breakfast.


Me and Roy waiting for our value Grand Slam.


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After breakfast, we went looking for Chatterbox batteries. BatteriesPlus didn't have them, but they were going to make them. Roy and Ed's batteries were about 8 years old, so the $15 wasn't a big deal. We picked up the batteries later on in the day.


Riding around Lake Tahoe. Beautiful day and not a lot of traffic. The lake was really calm too.
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Riding through the one tunnel around Lake Tahoe.


Stopped off at Emerald Bay Inspiration Point.


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Met this couple at Emerald Bay. He was from Oregon and it was his first time going to Street Vibes.


Lots of chipmunks playing on the rocks.


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Lunch at the Bridgetender. This place is in Tahoe City, just past Fanny Bridge on the Y, on the road to Emerald Bay. My boss said this was a fantastic place to get a burger. We ordered three different kinds of burgers and shared them. We had the Cajun bacon burger, Mushroom burger, and the Swiss burger. They were all very good, but the real treat was the seasoned waffle fries with ranch dressing! This will be our regular stop from now on when we ride around the lake.


Sitting out on the patio, we were right next to the bike path and the little creek.
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Crossing the Mt. Rose summit.


Later that night, we went to see Julie, Jared, and the new baby, Jack. He's my Grand Nephew.


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Grand Uncle Roy with Jack. Friday morning, Becky showed up to go on a ride with us. We decided to take her through Virginia City and Carson City.


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This is Becky's first time on her Dad's new bike.


Went to Peg's for breakfast.


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Peg's serves their breakfast in a skillet! The food was really good. Ed got the Huevos Rancheros.


I got the Breakfast Burrito... and ate it all!


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Becky and Roy split an egg and biscuits and gravy. The gravy was really good.


Getting ready to leave Peg's to head to the Event Center.


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Ed had to help Becky with her do-rag.


Walking down Virginia St, still not very crowded on a Friday afternoon.


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Becky had to try on this pink helmet, just like her Dad!


Got a pic with the tiger and grrrr'ed his nose.


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I don't know why I thought this was funny, but it was. Stopped at the bar so Ed could call Jeff. Just as we were leaving to head to Virginia City, a gray VW Bug and a motorcycle collided. It seems the bug turned left, and the bike behind him tried to pass him on the left and the biker's right peg area took off the VW's front bumper. The biker was lucky. He ended up in the opposing lane and was able to make it back to the right side of the road and pull off safely. Saw him shaking his right leg as he got off his bike. The guy in the VW was not happy!


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Entering Virginia City.


Riding through Virginia City. There were a fair amount of bikes here on this Friday.


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Entering Cathouse alley. Roy and Becky in front of the Sagebrush. Roy says that his kids can't give him a bad time now that one of them has been here too!


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Ed telling Becky he needs just a minute and he'd be right back. :)


Rode past the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. I wanted to go visit the gift shop.


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At the Carson City HD store, saw this bike covered in bugs. Very impressive.


Becky and Roy in front of the HD sign.


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Stunt rider doing a stoppie.


Edward met up with his friend, Jessie.


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Me, Ed, Becky, Roy. Our one and only group pic.


Ed took us back to Reno and avoided a lot of freeway. It was a nice road.


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Cool billboard near Ed's house.


Saturday morning, Ed's friend, Bonnie, came over for a ride.


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Our traditional breakfast before Virginia City at the Atlantis with, Valerie, Nick, Steve, Ron, Jeff, Laurie,  and Ed. Roy and Bonnie are here too. :)


Parked in Virginia City and got ready for the show!
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Perfect day for Virginia City. Bikes lined up as far as the eye could see.


Ed and BON friend, Bonnie.


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Even  Santa was ready to hand out beads. The ladies were handing out beads. To see more pics of Virginia City, click here, but only if you're 18 years old or older. :)


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Leaving Virginia City.


This lady had built in ventilation in her shirt!


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Stopped by the Reno HD store so Roy and Ed could get their run pins.


This dress had all the slits in all the right places...almost. :)


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The Baskin Robbins ice cream truck had cute wheel covers on it.


Ice cream was good during this warm day.


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I had just walked in to the store when I heard my name. It's Melinda from high school! We had joked about running in to each other at Street Vibes, but what are the chances?!??!?! It was so good seeing her after almost 30 years.


Melinda's friends and family. L to R: Sansi, Berry, Pat, Melinda, and Katy
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Edward with the only girl he saw flashing all weekend!


How did she get all of those beads? Oh, I see....tight clothes!


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Downtown Virginia Street on Saturday evening. They put up barriers down the middle of the street for all of the bikes that would be riding up and down the middle of the street. As you can see, it really wasn't necessary.


Cute flower girl. She had a Snoopy in her basket.
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Blond model taking a break. Tattoo expo in the Events Center. Looks like these girls are perfectly dressed for getting a new tattoo.


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This sign just struck me as funny.


Leaving Reno. This sign was up just before heading up Mt. Rose.


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Going up Mt. Rose, there was a race going on. This woman was giving it her all. She looked to be about 60 or so. Good for her!


Cute bear crossing sign.
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Stopped in King's Beach so Edward could turn around and go home. While were we stopped, this guy walked by trying to pull off a male Medusa look.


Approaching the Donner Lake overlook. The weather was perfect.
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On Hampshire Rocks Rd. These two guys were cross-country skiing on the road. Roy talking to Christy. She called and said she wanted to warn him about the crazy woman he's married to.


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Right after we got on the freeway, these bikes passed us. The woman in pink sure did test the suspension and power of that bike. Coming in to Old Auburn, it really started getting hot. The temp only said 90, but it felt a lot hotter. Got home around 2. Another great year of Street Vibrations.