Street Vibrations 2009


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766 miles and had a great time the whole way. 


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Left the house around 9:30. A little later than we planned, but traffic was still pretty light. This is on Greenback approaching Auburn/Folsom Rd.


Had to wait for just a little bit at this construction zone. The lady smiled after I took her picture.


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On Dog Bar Rd heading towards Grass Valley.



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Edge. 20 years old and still gets around pretty well. Spent most of the time we were there laying in the sun.


Lucy loves fetching her ball, but she doesn't like to give it up to easily. Unknowingly, I threw it in to the high weeds and when she came back, she was covered in these stickers.


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Took off for Cisco Grove to meet Edward and Jeff. This is on Hwy 20.


Exiting off at Cisco Grove. Edward is standing on the right side of the gas station.


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Met and chatted with these guys. They're from the Yuba City area and belong to a club called "Sine Metu MC".


After leaving Cisco Grove, we took the back roads to Truckee.
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Not a lot of water this time of year, but still a nice scene.


Riding formation to Truckee.


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This usually has a lot of water rushing over the rocks. Barely a trickle now. Compare here.


Approaching Donner Lake near Donner Ski Ranch.


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Great shot of the bridge, Donner Lake, and the group crossing the bridge.


Beautiful day for a ride.


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Riding around Lake Tahoe, there was a lot of road construction.


Entering Nevada.


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Turned off on to the Mt. Rose Hwy.


Great view of Lake Tahoe from the Mt. Rose Hwy overlook.


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On the way to Scott and Kitty's house. Roy and Ed went to Ed's house to unpack.


Roy paying for his new tires.


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These are the bikes on the cover of JP Cycle's catalogs.


Didn't eat until we got to the Nugget's Awful Awful (Awful Big, Awful Good).


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These are the fries we DIDN'T eat. Each basket must have had at least a pound of fries.


These girls were just walking up and down Virginia St.


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After we all got to Edward's house, we had to check out Roy's new tire.


Breakfast Thursday morning at Rail City.


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Edward said it was the $5.55 breakfast buffet, but they changed it so that you had to have a gold or platinum players card to get that price. So if you look closely, Edward left his card for them.


Outside Rail City Casino getting ready to ride around the lake.
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Cool shot of some rock formation on Mt Rose Hwy.


Our new profile pic on the main page. Roy, Paul, Ed.


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This is a re-creation of a scene from Wild Hogs. The people on the tour bus that passed us were amused.


With two HD's in our group, breaking out the tools was inevitable. :) Actually, Roy just had to put his Chatterbox mic back on his helmet.


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Great view of Lake Tahoe from the Mt Rose Hwy.


Approaching the turnoff to start heading around Lake Tahoe.


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This cool dune buggy passed us. Plate said something like, "LT DOC".


Neat sailboat in Lake Tahoe.


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Cool rock formation on the East side of the lake.


Edward talking to us while we had to stop because Roy's eye was burning.


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Roy approaching South Shore.


Saw this sign as we entered South Shore casino area. It was neat that they put this up.


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Not a lot of traffic on the main road through the casinos!


Lost Roy at a light, so we pulled over to wait for him.


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Lots of hairpin curves. On some of these curves, the road was warped. If your tire hit it right, our bikes would slide about 6 inches or more. Here's Edward looking back at one of those areas after his bike slipped on one.


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Doing tech support for this lady who asked me to help her turn the flash on her camera. I can't even get away from tech support when I'm on vacation! Ed, Roy, Paul, at Emerald Bay.


090923sv064.jpg (139379 bytes)


Ed and Roy with a great view of Emerald Bay.


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Riding along the ridge above Emerald Bay and Cascade Lake. Lots of bikes out today. Approaching a hairpin curve. We saw Edward's bike slip and move to the left about a foot after hitting one of those warped spots in the road. Definite "pucker moment."


090923sv070.jpg (94499 bytes)


Edward enjoying his frosty and saving a bit for later!


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Sno-Flake Drive In. Voted Tahoe's best milkshake.


Leaving the Southshore area, saw another cool sign.


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Approaching the tunnels while riding around Lake Tahoe. Had to stop again at almost the same spot because Roy's eye started to burn again. Must be something in the air around there.


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Back at Ed's house after a great day riding around Lake Tahoe. Ed bbq'ed steaks for dinner. They were so good! Jeff came over with Lori and we all had a great time.


Friday morning...time for shopping day! First stop is breakfast.
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Cara and Alice show off the big donut! That's a regular glazed donut next to it. These two were really good sports and pulled these donuts out so I could take this picture. Thanks!


DoughBoys Donuts. 57 Damonte Ranch Pkwy, Reno NV. 775-85-DOUGH
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Lori and Jeff on the way to the motorcycle store.


Jeff checking out his new helmet he wants to buy.


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Edward trying on a different helmet.


Jeff decided pink wasn't his color.


090923sv083.jpg (109226 bytes) 090923sv084.jpg (93240 bytes)
This is the helmet I want to buy someday.


The flames almost look blue in the right light.


090923sv085.jpg (83890 bytes) 090923sv086.jpg (86021 bytes)
Jeff found the perfect helmet for him.


Approaching the Reno HD store.


090923sv087.jpg (100218 bytes) 090923sv088.jpg (102393 bytes)
V-Twin Vineyards. Is this made with motor oil????


Ed and Roy showing off their HOG pins they got.


090923sv089.jpg (72013 bytes) 090923sv090.jpg (103423 bytes)
Next stop...Cabela's!


Bike parking right out front. This guy was leaking gas all over the place!


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Lots of bikes as we approach downtown.


Jeff and Lori checking out the cop up ahead.


090923sv097.jpg (83124 bytes) 090923sv099.jpg (97264 bytes)
Mark getting ready to make Ed's new Big Ear earplugs.


Edward with his dream bike. Even painted in his favorite team colors!




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Had lunch at Awful Awful again. We took all the leftover fries and put them in one basket. This basket was full and overflowing. It weighed about two pounds.


The Awful Awful is located at the very back of The Nugget.
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Reno Events Center had this cool sign welcoming the bikers.



090923sv105.jpg (87818 bytes) 090923sv106.jpg (131408 bytes)
We'll be getting an ice cream cone here later.


Boss Hoss dressed up as a '57 Chevy.


090923sv110.jpg (97672 bytes) 090923sv112.jpg (121731 bytes)
Saturday morning breakfast buffet at the Atlantis. They actually had Lop Cheung and rice for breakfast! This plateful was from upper left: corned beef hash, cinnamon roll, bacon, egg roll, siu mai, pot sticker, lop cheung, rice, and fried chicken.


?,?, Jeff, and Lori on the road to Virginia City.


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The road heading in to Virginia City. Lots and lots of traffic.


Even Santa likes Virginia City during Street Vibrations!


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This woman had the cutest outfit. It matched the color of the bike. To see the R-rated version, click here, but only if you're over 18 years old! :)


Norma and Ed watching the parade pass by.
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This dog was collecting his own beads.


Lots of people this year in Virginia City.


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This was the neatest thing to see. A trike with the old-lady driving and the guy sitting in the back seat. She must have been about 60 years old!


This lady had the two beefiest guys I've ever seen hanging around with her.
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Some outfits were just made to be on the back of a bike. The lady on bike would NOT be coerced to flash. She kept giving this cute shrug everytime she was offered beads.


090923sv123.jpg (123986 bytes) 090923sv124.jpg (133177 bytes)
Start 'em out young!


Ambulance blocked traffic for about 20 minutes.


090923sv126.jpg (94198 bytes) 090923sv128.jpg (119025 bytes)
So we're standing there watching all the people go by, and this guy, Steve, starts talking to Ed and Roy and says he recognized us from the website! I guess he just happened on to the website and checked out all of our rides. First time someone has recognized us from the website. Cool!


Norma and Ed resting after walking up the hill to our bikes.


090923sv130.jpg (110158 bytes)


Nice road from Virginia City to Hwy 50.


090923sv131.jpg (92724 bytes) 090923sv132.jpg (91122 bytes)
I guess they changed the name to the Brothel Run.


Lots and lots of bikes and people here at the Cat Houses.


090923sv133.jpg (103246 bytes) 090923sv136.jpg (75791 bytes)
Ed and Norma.


Met my good friend Ed here. Norma noticed him signing to his buddies, so I went up and told him that he didn't need an interpreter to look at the girls!


090923sv137.jpg (129761 bytes) 090923sv138.jpg (99371 bytes)
This lady had a ton of beads on the back of the bike. You can see why here...but only if you're over 18 years old!


Followed this car most of the way through Virginia City. It was really hot and the traffic was stop and go the whole way.


090923sv139.jpg (107803 bytes) 090923sv140.jpg (98852 bytes)
This dog was so cute with his head sticking out the trunk.


Taking a much needed break after riding in the heat. Rick, Ed, Norma, and Roy.


090923sv143.jpg (154480 bytes) 090923sv142.jpg (131318 bytes)
Norma's dog, Ranger, taking a leak on the plant. I don't think she liked me taking the pic. Norma's other dog, Sierra, doing the other business. We had to go to Norma's house so her dogs could do their business before we headed downtown. This dog could be an Ng...pooped almost on command!


090923sv141.jpg (137747 bytes) 090923sv144.jpg (76341 bytes)
Our bikes parked in front of Norma's house. Parking here brought back memories to my first Street Vibrations. Ed and I parked here every time we went downtown.


090923sv146.jpg (92843 bytes)


Bernadette and Ed at the Events Center.


This is Edward's neighbor's house.


090923sv148.jpg (137814 bytes) 090923sv150.jpg (86228 bytes)
Rick getting ready to take off for home on Sunday morning.


Leaving Ed's house, waving goodbye to Reno.


090923sv151.jpg (59737 bytes) 090923sv152.jpg (130556 bytes)
Coming over Mt. Rose, Lake Tahoe looked really nice.


Leaving Nevada, coming home.


090923sv153.jpg (116594 bytes) 090923sv154.jpg (89669 bytes)
Squaw Valley ski resort.


Passing by Donner Lake.


090923sv155.jpg (78896 bytes) 090923sv156.jpg (102074 bytes)
Saw this helicopter land as we entered Auburn.


Temp said 94 degrees. It was really warm on the ride home.


090923sv157.jpg (76622 bytes) 090923sv160.jpg (92592 bytes)
Approaching my co-worker's house off on Auburn-Folsom Rd. Nice view of the valley. Norma decided to have Mark make her a pair of earplugs as well.