Street Vibrations 2008


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WARNING: Graphic pictures of leg break below as well as R-rated pics. You've been warned. :)

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August 19, 2008. Playing volleyball, jump at the net, other guy jumps in to the net and lands on my leg. The result is shown above and below. August 20, 2008, had a steel rod placed in my leg. Thought I'd be able to ride to Street Vibes, but as fate would have it, I was still hurting a lot and my knee and ankle were not cooperating. So I had to skip this year, but I got plenty of pics from Roy and Ed. I was there in spirit. Below are pics of the actual break. It's not pretty. Scroll down fast if you want to skip these two pics.







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As I started to "relax" a bit after the accident, I made sure someone took pics for posterity. Someone said it looks like I have a second knee.


Another angle. Like I said, it's not pretty.
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Fast forward to September 26, 2008. Met up with the guys for lunch at Susie's Burgers. We were all there for the unveiling of Fonzi's new chopper paint job.


Hoss had to sit on the new chopper to see how it felt. At least he can reach the peddles!
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Starboard side of the bike.


Port side of the bike.


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Hoss finally had to take off on his "normal, not a cool chopper" bike.


Ripper picked me up for lunch, and this is the only proof I have that I actually got out of the house!


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Fonzi getting ready to take off. Good thing that this burger place is close. He's been having stalling issues with his chopper. Roll down the road for 3 miles, stall. Repeat.


Ed and Ben at the designated meeting spot for Street Vibes...the KFC in Truckee.
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Ed at the Mt. Rose highway scenic overlook.


Ed and Ben.


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Roy at the Mt. Rose highway overlook. As you pulled in to the Carson City HD, there was a photographer taking pictures of all the riders. Here's Ed riding in to the store parking lot.


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Roy was right behind him.


Ed showing off his new roll-bag. After seeing how well this worked, both Roy and I bought one too.


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Michela and Ben in downtown Reno. Soon after this, these two broke up, Ben had an accident on his Goldwing, and then had to have his gall bladder out due to gallstones. We don't think we'll be seeing him on a bike again. :(


Roy in downtown Reno.
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Requisite picture with the Reno sign.


Roy in front of the Reno HD store.


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Ed at the South Side Cafe. It's his favorite place to eat.


Roy at the South Side Cafe. We were here last June for the Spring Rally.


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Typical breakfast at the South Side Cafe. Roy and I would normally split this meal.


Roy at Emerald Bay.


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Are these legal parking spots?




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Ed with the requisite picture of the Reno sign.


Dessert...root beer floats at Ed's house!


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Ed in front of Rail City.


Roy in front of Rail City.


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This is the buffet breakfast at Rail City for $5.55 M-F, and the eggs are cooked to order. The corned beef hash looks really good.


Ed in front of the Reno HD.
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Ed on a full-bagger V-Rod.


Ed in the parking lot.


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Ed at Emerald Bay.


Roy at Emerald Bay...again.


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Getting together in front of Ed's house! Steve, Sal, Jeff, Lori, Ed, Julio, and AJ.


Lori, Jeff, Ed, AJ, and Julio in Virginia City.


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Lori, Jeff, Ed, Roy, and Julio in Virginia City.


Downtown Virginia City.


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Assless chaps!


Roy, Bobbie, AJ, Julio, Nick, Lori, and Jeff checking out the action in Virginia City.


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Ed managed to get this pic of this lovely set of....beads.


AJ showing her stuff. Bobbie needs to be next!


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Nice hat.


Lots of uninhibited people in Virginia City.


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Two of my BON friends having a lot of fun at Street Vibes! Downtown Virginia City. Will definitely be here in 2009!