Street Vibrations 2007


520 miles through sun, wind, rain, and quite a bit of cold. This was the first year that we have been rained on. Also, lost a few pics when my memory card took a crap on me. Pics don't start until Thursday afternoon when we are walking around downtown after unloading our bikes at Ed's house. Roy and I met up in Auburn around 11, got gas, then we headed up the freeway to meet Ed. I had to wait for the road to dry up a little before I took off from home. We met Ed in Truckee at the KFC, had lunch, then took off. Went straight up Hwy 80, got gas at Sam's, then we were off to downtown.


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Once we hit the streets, Ed started in on Roy about what kind of modifications he needs to do to his new bike.


Roy and Ed getting their special HD pins for being HOG members.
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Bernadette was guarding one of the entrances to the HD store.


Ed and Roy laughing at the water bottles that look like vodka bottles.


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Paramedics with their cool rides.


They got up to about 25 mph.


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Roy has always wanted a Triumph like this.


Boss Hoss '57 Chevy.


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This is Jane from Visual Concepts NV. I bought a pair of sunglasses from her last year, and she has a free foam replacement guarantee. The first night I got my glasses, I broke the little plastic tab on the foam frame. Went back the next day, she replaced it on the spot. One year later, I did the same thing and when I told her, she gave me a new foam frame replacement and showed me how to take it off and on again. Great customer service. She can be contacted at:

Visual Concepts NV

565 College

Suite C-176

Henderson, NV 89015



Ed trying to look like Dudley on Wild Hogs.
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So we're talking about Wild Hogs, and Roy says that John Travolta's character was named Doug, and Woody was the dentist. Ed and I bet him a Coke he was wrong. He took the bet. Here he is, getting my Coke for me.


One of the Social Outcast girls. Since we never made it to Virginia City this year, this is about as good as it gets.
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Friday morning we woke up and went to Baldini's for breakfast. You could get a breakfast for only $3.99. Not the best breakfast, but not bad for the price. After breakfast, we went to meet Joanne in South Shore.


Stopped off at Harrah's and went to the burger shop and I got a vanilla shake and fries.
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Ed, Donna, Joanne, and Roy in the parking lot of Harrah's in South Shore. What's wrong with this picture? :) We stopped off at the Carson City HD where this big, bad, biker, was restraining his ferocious dog. 


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Lead singer from the band, Steel Breeze. She caught me taking her pic and was nice enough to wave.


Ed and Roy looking at the bikes in the parking lot.


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Roy coming out of the porta-potty


Dinner on Friday night was at Hong Kong Diner. Dinner was less than $5.


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Clouds were starting to move in that night. Cool pic.


Getting ready to head downtown to do some more shopping.


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Roy trying out goggles that fit over his glasses. These were the only pair that fit. Not only that, they were only $20 from Jane at Visual Concepts NV. And, they included 2 sets of lenses. Got new ear plugs made by Mark from Big Ear in 2005. Both Tab and I got them made. Last year, I took hers back to him to have him shave them down a little. He remembered me from the year before. So this year, I was going to do the same thing. He remembered me again. I asked if he could shave them down, and he said that he was just going to make me a new of charge! Now that's customer service! This is Ted making me my new ear plugs. They are so small and comfortable and still block out all the wind noise. I even got to keep my old ones You can find information about them at:

Big Ear

If you find him and get ear plugs made, tell him that Paul sent you!


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Found this sign on Virginia St. Roy wanted his picture taken in front of it. This guy asked if his name was Roy. Why? His is too. Here are the two Roy's in front of Roy Boy's Road House.


More Social Outcast girls.
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"Party with a fat boy!" This guy was handing out beads to any girl that would pay him any attention. This woman just ate a hot dog in a "special" way.


After the fireworks, we stopped in at The El Dorado and got Krispy Kremes.
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Saturday morning. Normally a day we are headed up to Virginia City. The sky was like this pretty much the whole day. We left Ed's house and got rained on the whole way. If we had left 15 minutes earlier or later, we would have missed the rain.


Rain spotted bikes. :(
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Roy getting instruction from Jane on how to replace the lenses in his new goggles.


Ed rolling up to get his only big purchase this year.


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A new $250 throttle lock...installed! It's really neat. Positive lock, ratchet control. Of course, a week later, he won over $300 on a penny machine, so it paid for his purchase!


Woman getting a temp tattoo.
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The place where Ed got his throttle lock, they were having a biker babe bike wash.


Since it was raining, this was one of the few bikes getting washed.


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Ran in to Nancy, her husband, and their friend in a casino restaurant.


Roy signing up for something to get free HD ear plugs.


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Stevie and I in front of the big bike.


Stevie and Roy touching the hot pipes!


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Cool dog. Okay, Roy should have just got this bike. It had all the stuff on it already and it was about the same price!


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Not a happy social outcast crew!


These two women from Queens Together at the Social Outcast booth.


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This woman couldn't reach the pedals. I wonder if she would have to tape blocks on the pedals?


Roy's next bike.


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I was trying to take a pic of the wheels on the bike...really.


Ed showing Jason his bike.


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Me, Ed, Commissioner Kitty, Scott, Stevie, and Roy Sunday morning waiting for the rain to clear before we head home after breakfast. I won $15 while waiting, so it was worth it. The rain never did let up much. We ended up riding in the rain for most of the way home until Colfax. Luckily, it wasn't a hard rain, just light sprinkles.