Street Vibrations 2006


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Another year for the Ng brothers at Street Vibrations. This was a 512 mile trip for me and the last time Roy would be riding his V*Star to this event (more later). Tab didn't make it because she broke her toe kicking a co-worker. So, without Tab, we all rode solo this year.


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Started out the trip by meeting Roy in Grass Valley. This is approaching the bridge just before arriving to his place.


The roads were nice and twisty the whole way and they re-paved a lot of it so it's really smooth now. Perfect start.


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Here's Roy putting his ear plugs in getting ready to take off.


Hwy 20. No freeway for us. The scenery is better and there's a lot less traffic.


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Okay, a little freeway. We had to go 3 miles on Hwy 80 from Hwy 20 to the Cisco Grove exit.


Here's me on Donner Pass Rd.


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Beautiful scenery the whole way. This is one of my favorite places we pass. The water along the road is really cool.


Approaching the Donner Pass overlook.
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Roy and I with the obligatory pic at the overlook.


Leaving the Donner Pass overlook.


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Here's Roy along Donner Lake.


We stopped in Truckee and ate at KFC.


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Roy on Hwy 89 on the way to Tahoe City.


Approaching Tahoe City.


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Heading towards Nevada with Lake Tahoe in front of us.


Finally got a pic of this sign. Missed it every other year!


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The overlook on Mt Rose hwy. This is the first house you see when going to Edwards house. There are houses like this the whole way to his place. You really want to see what Edward's house looks like!


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Here's Edward's house. Out in the middle of multi-million dollar homes, he finds this really cute place that is just perfect for him. There is no traffic and it's really quiet.


Ed's pointing out all the homes and their expensive yards. 
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This was breakfast everyday. Roy and I  had the Extreme Grand Slam and split it. During breakfast on Friday, Ed lectured Roy on the benefits of buying a HD and not saving his money for his kids who will just use it for a vacation, or a house, or a new car! He should go get what he wants, when he wants. It didn't stop in the restaurant either, the tirade continued out in to the parking lot!


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This is on the way to Ed's house. It's the overlook Edward calls "Inspiration Point", but it's really called Audrey Harris Park. Maria and Mike. Maria really liked Edward! ;) However, I think she plays for both teams and wasn't quite Edward's type. Mike is Rene's co-worker.


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Brady and Rene just before they called off their engagement


Edward in front of IHOP on the way to visit Becky.


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Edward chatting with his new friend, Bernadette.


Met up with Rene and Julie. We're on our way to dinner at the Fitzgerald.


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The beginning of the end. Roy sat on a couple of bikes and really liked this customized Road King.


Here's the parking lot in Circus Circus.


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Reno at night. Taken from "Inspiration Point." After Tab saw this pic, she was really glad she didn't go. This was taken about 10pm at Edward's house. It was a chilly 35 degrees.


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Saturday morning and we're getting ready for our trip to Virginia City. Roy and I got to Edward's after Bridget and Julio. The sun was out and it was going to be a beautiful day for flashing! :)


On our way to Virginia City. The roads were packed with bikes.
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Edward and Bridget getting "ready" to go check out the fun in Virginia City.


Even the local cops got in the mood for a ride down the middle of Virgina City.


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Saw this bike last year too. It moos when he honks his horn. This is Alicia. I stood next to her and her boyfriend Al for a few hours. We chatted, took pics of all the women flashing, and then ended up trading pics! :) These two were really cool. She wanted to flash so bad, but she had to be on the bike to do it. So, they told me they were going to get their bike and then stop where I was so I could get a pic of her and send it to them. Thank you!!!!! ;-)

To see the R-rated version, click here, but only if you're over 18 years old! :)


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This lady was cool. She rode a VTX and was wearing red slip-on heels!


This woman was riding on the fender and used the plate holder for a footrest.


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Bridget with her, "come hither" look.


Right after that, she had to grab Julio right where he needed it!


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A Harley being towed. Gee...who'da thunk!


This guy had the right idea!


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Virginia City. The street was packed on both sides.


OCC's Airgas bike. I got to touch this bike built by the OCC crew!


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Here's Ed showing Scott his new zipper-pull he bought. Coming off of Mt Rose on our way home. One last breathtaking shot before hitting the big city again. It was a fun trip and can't wait for next year.