Street Vibrations 2005


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536 miles of sun, wind, and a lot of traffic due to accidents and car chases. Didn't do a lot of riding, but we had a great time visiting with Scott, Kitty, Kameron, and the rest of our family. Thanks to Scott and Kitty for letting us stay at their house again. Ed stayed at Rene's house, but Roy, Tabitha, and I stayed with Scott and Kitty. Tab and I got to sleep on the new King-sized bed they just got! Very nice.


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Just before we left Grass Valley, Roy snapped this picture of Tab and I. It's the best picture of us and the bike together.


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Auburn-Folsom Rd on the way to Grass Valley. Surprised at how much traffic there was, but I forgot it was a Thursday morning and not the weekend! Got to Roy's house and took a quick break and we were ready to go. Got this pic of Roy just before leaving. The three of us wore our MOM (Men on Metamucil) shirts, but Ed forgot his.


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Hwy 49 on the way to Hwy 20. Roy lead the way to... ...Hwy 20. There were very few cars on this road. The scenery was great and the weather was just perfect. A little cool for Tab, but it was just perfect with full leathers on.


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No other cars on the road. The clouds made a great view and it was very nice all the way to the freeway.


Hit Hwy 80 and after 3 miles, we took off on the Cisco Grove exit.
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One of the nice parts of Donner Pass Rd.


There wasn't a lot of water, but it was enough to make for some nice pics.


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Coming up to the Donner Lake overlook. Good place for a butt-break. Me, Roy, and Ed talking about the ride, Metamucil, and tank graphic options for Roy since he lost his spider magnet.


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Roy taking a pic of the bikes. 


Tab and I taking the traditional pic.


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This is the bike loaded up with 4 days of clothes and crap. Then, we bought a lot of stuff in Reno and had to figure out how to get it all home. Luckily, Kam was there with his car so we sent a lot of stuff home with him.


Roy with Donner Lake in the background.
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Finally got to Tahoe City and found a place to eat. Went to Rosie's and will never go back. Food wasn't that good and the service was so-so.


On Mount Rose with a view of the Lake.
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Once we got gas at Sam's, we went in search for Rene's work. After passing it once (Edward was so enthralled by the p.o.s. bike out front), we finally found it on the way back. This is Rene's boss, Gordy, Rene, and Ed.


Look closely. Tab has tampons in here ear?!?!?!?! No, they're little cotton balls with a string attached while putting the silicone in her ear for her custom ear plugs. We both got a new set in a color to match the bike.


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Jelly Belly bike with a sidecar that was in the shape of a Jelly Belly.


Cops on Virginia Street. 


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Found this Big Boy statue that had the named changed to Big Roy. So, Roy had to have his pic with it. Parking in Circus Circus. This place knows how to treat bikers. They had almost the entire 2nd floor sectioned off just for bikes. Had dinner at Harrah's, walked around and looked at all the vendors. Ended up getting Tab a new jacket and I got my Street Vibe hooded zip-up sweatshirt. Went to Scott and Kitty's and visited for a bit, then went to bed to get ready for a day around Lake Tahoe.


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Got up early to go have breakfast. Roy started his bike and his oil light came on...and stayed on. So, we checked the oil, and there was nothing in the oil window.


Ed and I decided to go to Kragen since we knew where it was from last year (Ed's bike kept blowing fuses. Click here to see last year's pics). We got 2 quarts of Mobil 1 brought it back.


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The night before, I modified my compass bracket to mount to my windshield. Unfortunately, the piece of plastic holding it shook so much, it fell off just down the street. Ed's pointing out exactly where it fell off. You can see my new ear plugs too.


Here's Roy putting oil in the bike with Ed supervising. We had to make a funnel out of a magazine cover. Seemed to work ok. Roy still doesn't know where all the oil went to. His bike was fine for the rest of the trip. We thought that was the one glitch for the trip.


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This is our breakfast that we had everyday. Bacon and cheese omelet with avacado, hash browns done well, and sourdough toast. Tab and I split the order and it was just enough for both of us.


Roy had the same thing for breakfast too. Of course, he didn't want us to take a pic of it because it wasn't exactly on his diet and his daughter, the nutritionist, would have a fit if she knew.


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Once we got out on the road, we discovered there were a lot of clouds and a whole lotta wind! Hwy 164 from Truckee to King's Beach. Roy looks like he's leaning to the left a little. Must have been the wind. I almost got blown over sitting at a stop light. Later, we heard that 3 people were killed this day. Two of them were wind-related.


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Tab and I at Monument Park. There was so much wind, Lake Tahoe looked like the ocean.


Roy wondering if the oil in his bike is still there.
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Ed trying not to get sand in his eyes.


Here's the four of us in front of beautiful Lake Tahoe.


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Still windy as you can see by the whitecaps on Lake Tahoe.


Entering South Shore.


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Stopped off at the South Shore HD store. No bikes, but a lot of overpriced clothes and accessories. Heading to Emerald Bay, we spotted these dark clouds. Fortunately, we only got sprinkled on, but they sure looked threatening.


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Some of the hairpin curves just before Emerald Bay.


We weren't here long, but we got this pic just before we left.


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Coming up to Truckee, we noticed a car right on Ed's rear fender. There was a CHP behind him, so we pulled over and the Subaru and CHP passed us. The CHP performed a traffic break for the next bazillion miles.


Here's Ed and Roy talking about what they thought was going on.
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Ed told everyone he could about what happened to us back on the on-ramp. Finally, we came to a stop with everyone else. We never did find out what happened, but it sure did delay our shopping trip on Virginia St. Once we got to Virginia St. Tab got a new pair of chaps and a new shirt.


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Saturday, and I got up early to get the bike ready for Virginia City. Got everything loaded on the bike and started it up to warm up. After about 5 minutes, Ed notices something leaking from my bike. You can see it in the pic just below the right floorboard. Yup, radiator fluid. This happened to me the first year I was here with my old bike.


So I was hoping it was just the bottom hose clamp like it was before. Nope, it was the one on top. I had to take off my air-horns and try to get to the hose clamp screw to tighten it up. Unfortunately, the head of the screw was oriented toward the back and there was a metal plate blocking access to it. So I got a pair of needle-nosed pliers and turned it about 1/4 turn. Seemed to work ok for the rest of the trip, but it delayed our leaving by about an hour. So the only bike that didn't have issues on this trip was the HD? Who da' thunk!


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Ed and Rene after eating breakfast. On our way to Virginia City.


Roy approaching the 395 turnoff. Got a little crowded at this point.


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On 395, the clouds looked a little dark over VC. Hopefully, the weather will warm up, or no beads this year!


Coming in to VC.
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This officer directed all bike traffic through to downtown VC, while cars had to take the road to the right.


Coming in to VC, there were a lot of bikes there this year.
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Found parking in a church parking lot.


Here's Oo ready to hand out beads to all the ladies!


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We had to walk a long ways before we finally got to where the action was.


Temp read 54 in the shade. Not warm enough for flashing by most people.


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These girls were very popular! Tab saw this guy with a D.O.T. tattoo on his head. I guess this means he doesn't need a helmet?


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This mini chopper road up and down the main drag. Pretty funny to see among all the big cruisers. This bike was cow themed. Tab loved this bike because the guy would honk his horn and it would go "Mooooooo".


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Getting ready to leave VC. Lots of traffic.


This guy in the middle of the pic was the first place Tab got beads. She was very popular and even got a hug from a woman who gave her beads!


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Coming out of VC, we hit another traffic stop. Everyone was off their bikes and out of their cars to see what was happening.


Ambulance passed us, but it wasn't going very fast and didn't have it's lights on. They must have not needed this one.


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Ed and Rene trying to see what was going on.


When you gotta go, you gotta go!


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Ed took this pic while we were waiting.


This skid mark goes right in to the side of the mountain....ouch!


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Once we got back to Reno, Rene took us to a new HD store. There was a bar connected to it and just outside on the sidewalk was this guy. We were wondering if he was dead or not.


After we left the store, the local PD told us he was going to get to sleep it off at their facility.
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Ed took Rene home, while Roy, Tab, and I went back to Virginia St to do some more shopping. After we parked the bikes and walked to the stairs, we ran in to Tanya, Dave, Jackie, Becky, Allen, Bill. They were just up there for the day. It was good to see them. Allen got a Road King, but he still has his VTX. I guess I can keep talking to him! :)


One of the many girls in costume on Virginia St.
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This is where we had breakfast everyday. It was good food, fairly cheap, but the service was a bit slow on the last day. This was only 1/2 mile from Scott and Kitty's house, so it was the perfect place to eat.


This lady was all decked out in pink...even her shoes!
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View from the rainbow in Fitzgerald's.


Tab and I in front of the Reno sign


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All packed up again, getting ready to head home.


Hit the freeway to Truckee, then Roy and I took off on to Donner Pass Rd while Ed stayed on the freeway. The traffic wasn't too bad this year.


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Passed a lot of bikes on Donner Pass Rd. This is just before we got to the Donner Lake lookout.


There were no cars on our road, which made for a very scenic and relaxing ride home.


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Got gas in Grass Valley before heading home. I ended up getting 51 mpg from Reno to GV. Averaged about 42 mpg the whole trip. Oo needed a breather, so here he is hanging out of the T-bag. When we got close to Auburn, we joined a group of 4 Vespa's. I stayed with them for a while, then they let me pass. Gave them a quick honk of the air horns and headed home. Had a great trip with the brothers and a wonderful time visiting family. We got lots of pics in Virginia City, but those pics are more R-rated. To see the R-rated version, click here, but only if you're over 18 years old! :)