Street Vibrations 2005


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536 miles of sun, wind, and a lot of busy roads.


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Us and bike loaded down at Roy's house.  One of the few good pictures of us and the bike. . .too bad it has so much crap on it.  And this is before the shopping.


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On the road to Grass Valley.  Lots of traffic for a Thursday morning. See. . .Roy remembered his MOM shirt.  Even though he is now technically a MOMM (Men on Members Mark).


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We picked up Ed at the gas station, and we are off on our way.


The road up was pretty, but not all that exciting yet.


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Mountains in the background.  This is a much better picture. I think Paul was trying to get the exit that we were taking off.  I hope so, or else this is a really boring picture to decide to put on the website.


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Over the shoulder without looking.  Man, this was just a lucky shot for Paul. The little creek beside the road was so pretty.  Sometimes the sun was a bit blinding though.


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Coming up on a view of the lake.  This picture shows the nice curve of the road and the cool bridge.  We stopped just after the bridge for a break.


Three Ng's trying to compare this trip to last years and debating the benefits of Member's Mark verses Metamucil.  Yeah, we were here for a while.


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And of course Paul always has his camera. . .oh wait, that's the other brother.  Because doing a pose like this doesn't make him look gay.  At least he is cute in chaps.


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Just exactly how loaded the bike really was.  No one really believed that Tab actually fit on the back between the bags.


"Okay Roy, ride up beside me and I will get a picture of you with the lake in the background."  Look closely and you'll see something different with Roy's bike.


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No, I said his bike, not his butt.  Get it yet?  Don't feel bad, Paul and Ed did not notice either.  Tab actually pointed out that his spider is gone.


After an, we'll say interesting, lunch we are back on the way to Reno.
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Ed, Rene, and Gordy outside Rene's work.  Ed actually missed this on the first pass because he was distracted by a motorcycle parked in front of the bar.


No they are not little ear tampons.  Tab is finally getting earplugs made.
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Jelly Belly Bike!!  We live so close to the factory, but we have to go to Reno to truly appreciate it.


Cops on the strip. . .Paul took this picture because this is a new development?
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Big Roy and Small Roy.  Wow, that new diet sure is working great! Getting ready to leave Circus Circus.  The bikes are finally unloaded and returned to their natural state.


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Ed believes that this is what happens to all people who laugh about Harley's.  Down on your knees wondering where all your oil went.


Obviously Paul did not take his size into consideration when buying his bike.  But I guess guys always think that they are bigger than they really are.


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Paul still has his new earplugs in since Ed is talking.  Ed is pointing out the general area where Paul's compass fell off.  At least it isn't pointing South anymore.


Ed supervising the refill of oil.  And making some type of comments about the inferiority of any non Harley bike.
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The was our breakfast.  For all three days.  No, really.  Tab and Paul split the same breakfast for the entire trip.


Another "Cathouse incident".  We "photo-shopped" Roy into the picture, he is not really ruining his diet.


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Clear road on the way to Lake Tahoe.  See how we are all straight up?  That was not normal for the day.


The big gusts were awful, that's why there are so few pictures.  Paul had to keep the bike up, and Tab had to hold on.


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Nice ocean view, don't you think?  The nice stairs to the beach, white caps in the back ground, salty sea air. . .oh wait, it's just the wind on Lake Tahoe.


But it fascinated us.  We took this opportunity to stop at a thoroughly disgusting rest area to take pictures.  At least the pictures turned out.


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Okay, so we've had one of Paul and Tab, one of Roy, this one here of Ed. . .what do you think is going to be next?


Boy I sure hope you got this one right.  It's not like we weren't completely leading up to it or anything.
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It's hard to take a straight picture when the wind is blowing everything sideways. Coming into South Shore.  Ed wanted to stop at the new Harley Davidson Store while we were there.


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And he found out that it was a crappy store.  One (small) wall of parts, and that was it.  The rest was just clothes and junk.  But we all signed up to win a Harley.  Haven't heard anything yet.


Nice ride out.  The clouds look a little ominous though.  We thought that we were going to get rained on.
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Just a nice meandering road up to the look at point at Emerald Bay.  We had never come from this direction before so it was interesting to see the view.


Roy said that we were arguing like him and Joanne from the moment we stopped at this scenic point.  But we stopped long enough for the picture.


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So, there was this blue car and, well you should really talk to Ed about this story.  No one else tells it quite as well since Ed expands it a bit.


But we had a police escort to keep our speed down.  This is the view behind us, already cramped and crowded.


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Ed was already telling someone his story about a close escape from the speeding blue car.


And once we got out of that, we hit this.  Traffic for eons.  Bike accident down the mountain.


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So it looks like Ed was correct in all of his laughing.  Saturday morning Paul's bike had issues.  This time it was the radiator.


Luckily they were able to take it apart and clamp the hose back on tighter.  It held for the rest of the trip.


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Ed and Rene on the way to Virginia City. And here's Roy.  We are still on the way to Virginia City, he was just on the other side of us.


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Really cool with the bank of clouds.  We could literally see it rolling over in one solid sheet of clouds.


And here is the sign announcing our arrival into Virginia City.  Nice line of bikes already going in.


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This guy was directing traffic.  Bikes to the left, cars up to the right.


Still just going into Virginia City.  Bikes already coming in both directions.


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We parked way on the other side of Virginia City, in the parking lot of a church. Ed, Roy, and Tab walking into Virginia City.  See Oo with all of his beads ready to hand out.


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Front view of everyone walking in.


Way too cold to be there this early.  It was only about 55 degrees.


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And still some stupid women were wearing bikini tops.  At least they were standing in the sun.


And some guys just don't need to wear helmets. . .
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A line of bikes coming down the main road.  See the cops there keeping order in the street.  Yeah, that's what they were doing.


Cow bike!!  It had horns, it had a tail, and when the guy honked the horn it went "Mooooooo".  How cool is that!?!?!?!?


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It was a long slow ride down the road for these guys.  I don't think they minded too much though.


Guys are already jiggling their beads in hopes of seeing things that truly should be kept covered in most cases.


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And on our way out, yet another road block.


Motorcycles just kept attempting to ride up the mountain instead of the road.


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We were stopped for a while so Ed and Rene got off to stretch.


This guy got off for other reasons.  I guess if you've really gotta go. . .


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And here's a picture of Paul and Tab, still waiting along with everyone else.


And the skid marks showing just where the bike went off the road.


20050922a062.jpg (71448 bytes) 20050922a063.jpg (83634 bytes)
At first we were wondering if this guy was breathing or not.  We looked a bit closer to make sure that he was.


When we came back by the police were there, and they promised to take good care of him until he was ready to go home.


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Tanya, Dave, Jackie, Becky, Allen, Bill.  We ran into them late in the day on Saturday.  They were just up for the day and ready to go home.


Street Vibrations girl.  If not for the funky hat, this outfit would be cute.
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This is the restaurant that we ate at every morning.  The food was good, but the service went down with each day.


Pink, all pink, and nothing but pink.  At least she matched everything.  Including her personality.  She was a nice woman.


20050922a068.jpg (118163 bytes) 20050922a069.jpg (112951 bytes)
Shot of Virginia Street.  Pretty cool to not see cars packing the road. Annual picture in front of the Reno sign.  This one turned out much better than last year.  Roy did a great job.


20050922a078.jpg (108094 bytes) 20050922a079.jpg (81586 bytes)
Breakfast on the last day.  See the bikes loaded down again.


See the nice little river again, this time on the way back home.


20050922a080.jpg (133972 bytes) 20050922a081.jpg (64793 bytes)
Two bikes going down the road.  I think the trip was easier on Roy than on the other person. We were riding on a side road.  We could see the freeway on the left-hand side.  Not a lot of traffic on the freeway, but the road was so rough it was giving us all headaches.


20050922a082.jpg (120247 bytes) 20050922a083.jpg (69892 bytes)
Stopping in Grass Valley on the way home.  Oo wanted to say an upside-down hello to everyone. And a caravan of scooter's we saw on the way home.  Paul wants to get one now.  Too bad he already bought the Saturn.  It was a nice trip, but we were very happy to finally get home.