Street Vibrations 2004


Street Vibrations 2004! First time going with a passenger. Tab and I loaded up the bike with about 80 pounds of luggage and took off for Grass Valley to meet Roy and Edward. Got there around 10:30, took a short butt break, then we all took off on Hwy 20. This year was a lot of fun, even though we didn't pay for the event or for the Cathouse Poker Run, we still had a great time...especially Tab in Virginia City! (Details later) We took some nice rides and had a great time. 615 miles total for me. This was the X's debut at Street Vibes. Handled perfectly. We can't wait for next year.


This is on Donner Pass Rd. We're just coming up to Donner Ski Ranch.


Approaching the Donner Pass overlook.


Tab and I at the Donner Pass overlook. On our way to Tahoe City, we ended up getting stuck in a construction zone for about 15 minutes.


Turning on to Mt. Rose Hwy, we stopped at the scenic overlook. That's Incline Village below us, and Lake Tahoe behind it.


Ed, Tab, and I at the over look.


Tab, me, Roy, and Ed. The view here is really cool.


On Mt. Rose Hwy. This road is really nice. It's a great road for bikes. Wide, smooth, and twisty! We got to Scott and Kitty's around 4:30, unloaded all of our gear, then headed downtown to do some major shopping. Here's Tab getting fitted for her chaps. The vest, vest extenders, run pin, and purple Street Vibes shirt were yet to come! (My credit card hurts!)


After a good day of shopping and walking around downtown, we met up with Jim and Susan (from Waco, TX) at their RV park. Jim just bought a Honda Valkyrie. Susan rode with him (no backrest) and their granddaughter, Heather, got to ride with Ed. Jim took us to the HD store in Reno. They had a drag strip there where you can run the 1/4 mile and not move and inch! For $20, you get three runs. Jim wanted me to run with him, but my bike is still sort of new and I didn't want to ride'er that hard, so I told him that we'll run together next year! Jim ended running about a 12 second 1/4 mile at about 106 mph.


Here's Ed and Heather at a light. Looks like she was having a good time.


Another pic of Ed and Heather.


Gorgeous views all the way to...


...Emerald Bay. That's Ed, Susan, Heather, and Jim.


Here's Tab (with her new braided chaps and vest), me, Ed, Susan, Heather, and Roy.


Tab and I at Emerald Bay. Beautiful day to ride around Lake Tahoe.
Tab and I in front of Harrah's. We ate lunch here, the we headed back over Mt. Rose Hwy. I think we rode over that pass 3 times this trip!


Here's the top of Mt. Rose. 8900 feet. Bikes ran like crap up at this elevation!
Riding through Incline Village, Susan managed to get these two shots of Tab and I. These are the only pics I have of me actually riding my bike!


Got back to Reno and headed straight for the Pavilions to do some more shopping. Edward managed to find these glasses. Susan loves 'em! Tab and I in downtown Reno. Even for a Friday night, there were a ton of people. We all thought there were a lot more people here this year, and not as many vendors.


Ed, Tab, and Roy getting ready to head out Saturday morning to go to the Cathouse Run and Virginia City.


Rene, Ed, and Tab getting ready to go have breakfast.
Stopped off at IHOP for breakfast (ate there twice on this trip).


Ed and his daughter, Rene on the way to Kit Kat Rd.


Ed and Rene giving us the peace sign.


Lots of bikes on the road today.


Kit Kat road. This road has the Sagebrush Ranch, Bunny Ranch II, and the Kit Kat Ranch, plus an exotic dance hall. Lots of choice...all on one road.


Roy was NOT to go anywhere near these places, as ordered by his daughters. So, I had to photoshop him in to this picture! LOL


Rene and Ed getting ready for a tour. This run was very well organized. They even had port-a-potty's. If you look real hard, you can see them in the background.


The dress code here was very loose. This seemed to be the norm. If you've ever seen the HBO special on the Bunny Ranch, you'll remember Air Force Amy!


Cheryl Morrow and her husband. They witnessed a bad accident coming up to Virginia City on the way to Kit Kat Rd.


Again, I had to photoshop Roy into this picture! :)
Tab and I in front of the Bunny Ranch. Had a good time on the tour and checking out all the talent walking around. Most of them were just darn scary!


Ed and Rene leading us out of the Cathouse area. There was such a long line to get out.
Great ride up to Virgina City. Coming in to Virginia City, the line of bikes started early. We ended up taking that road to the left and parked up on the hill.


Ed ran in to some friends of his. That's Regina and Julio. Regina had a great outfit on. :-) We would run in to them again a little later while riding down the middle of Virginia City on our way out. They have a pic of us (or of Tab),that I really want to try to get a copy of. ;-)


Lots of women collecting beads (a la Mardi Gras). This woman decided to just forego the whole flashing thing and she took her top completely off!
There were a lot of different outfits on the back of the bikes.


Some were barely even there.


And there were lots and lots of bustiers.


The cops had the best seat on the street.


Tab took this pic on the way back to Reno.


Tab showing off her fine collection of beads after we arrived in downtown Reno. Rene managed to get 4 (she dropped a couple), but Tab ended with 10 or more! The big MGD one was given to us by Regina and Julio (they still have a pic of us I want). The inset pic shows Henry and Ted with their beads. They had to flash to get them too.


Look! You can buy a Harley for $1.00!
On the way home, we had to get on the freeway for 3 miles. After waiting for about 20 minutes to go just one mile, Roy suggested that we ride down the right side to get to the Hwy 20 exit. Good thing we did, or we would have been on the freeway for another 30 minutes.


A line of cars and bikes the whole way down on I-80. We stopped at the rest stop just outside of Nevada City. It started to get hot at this point. We made it home around 3:30. This was a great trip and Tabitha had a wonderful time on her very first visit to Street Vibrations.