Street Vibrations 2003


 Taken on Sunday in Downieville


 Heading out of Reno, we stopped here for breakfast. Ed won $56, and he was definitely in Hog Heaven! This is a great place to go. They had $1 Blackjack tables.


 On the way to Street Vibes. Just outside of Nevada City on Hwy 49, Ed had to pull over to take his jacket off. Those hot flashes are awful!


 Riding through Downieville after stopping for a quick snack. That's Roy up there.
 We had to detour over this bridge in Downieville. Single-lane. Beautiful day for a ride.


 Stopped in Portola for lunch. This is the Frosty stand in the middle of town. Great burgers. While we were eating at the Frosty stand, we met Linda, Pete, Carol, and Chuck. They are from Seattle, WA. They had already ridden 1,300 miles. Ran into them again down on Virginia Street.


 Riding into Reno on Hwy 395.


 At the Atlantis getting ready to go register for the event.  On the way to the Atlantis, Ed notices he blew a fuse. So he and Roy took his bike apart to replace the fuse and see if there was a way to disconnect his fan kit.


 Roy gave up.


 Downtown Reno, Virginia Street, Thursday morning.
 Great incentives to buy a raffle ticket!  Ed, just hanging around Virginia City


 Ed trying to make a jailbreak!


 Should have just left me there!
 Going to the Bucket of Blood Saloon


 Went into this church. Really pretty inside.
Roy on his new Goldwing. We actually sat on a Boss Hoss, and it was incredibly easy to pick up. Hmmmm, maybe we should get one of those!


Or, this might be my next bike!
This nice lady let me take her pic. She didn't seem to be too shy. :) Thursday night on Virginia Street.


Thursday night wasn't too crowded. Jim and Sue from Waco Texas. He has an 1100 Honda Shadow ACE. These two were really nice and a lot of fun to ride with. Very easy to spot in the crowd. Hard to miss all of that yellow!


Roy in front of the Blue Agave in Tahoe City. This is on the Friday poker run. We got our free t-shirts here.


Ed putting on the sunblock, getting ready to head over Mt. Rose.
At the scenic overlook on Hwy 431. Nice road, and it really cooled off. I asked Janee (pronounced juh-NAY) if I could take her pic. She has the perfect pose. Seems like she has done this before. Very nice lady.


Ran into Terry. Why's he so happy?


Ed's friends from his HOG group
Parking along Virgina Street. We parked on a side street on Friday night. Riding through those crowds sure does test your slow maneuvering skills! This is when loud pipes really helps get people out of the way.


Saturday morning, and getting ready for the Cathouse Poker Run. We got there a little early, so we were just waiting around Ended up running into Jim and Sue again. Then we all headed out for our first stop.
Roy, Jim, Sue, Ed, at the Old Bridge Ranch. Nothing too exciting here. Good place for a photo op.


On our way to Virginia City.
Heading into Virginia City. On the way, we saw a motorcycle (crotch-rocket) in the ditch, leaning against the side of the mountain. Didn't look like anyone was hurt. The road to Virginia City is really twisty. 


Ed took the opportunity to get close to one of these escorts. It looked like they recruited the local high school girls for this!
Randy jumped right in. Sure does look like he's having a good time. Hey! Where's his lovely wife, Joy?????? :)


Ed and Roy in front of the Sagebrush. This was one of the better cathouses. Roy and I took tours of all of them.
Ed, just daydreaming away.


Jim found the fun group!
There were a lot of these types of outfits on Saturday night. Roy, Randy, Joy, Ed


Doin' the Wave! 

Great weekend. Even though is was sort of hot, we all had a great time. Lots of food, people, bikes, and babes! We stayed at our nephew and niece's house. I hope they know that they should expect us every year now! It was the perfect place to stay. Close to downtown, and easy to get to. We rode a lot of miles this year. I clocked 750 miles...on my Spirit 750!