Street Vibrations 2002


Street Vibrations 2002. It was my first big motorcycle event and I couldn't wait to go. I left Sacramento at 1:45 after getting gas and trying to look busy at work. Started out on I-80, going well, then met up with a pack of 5 or 6 bikes and rode with them all the way to Truckee. Once I passed the bug station, traffic came to a grinding halt. I followed the bikes ahead of me...right down the middle of the lane! First time lane-splitting, but if I didn't do it, I would have been REALLY late meeting Edward. Finally showed up at Boomtown around 3:50. Only missed our meet time by 20 minutes. Filled up on gas and headed to Becky's. Got there, unpacked my bike, and Edward and I left to get me registered at the Atlantis. Felt really neat to park in that sea of bikes. I looked all around....not one other bike that wasn't a HD! After getting my packet of stuff, we tried to find Paramount Cycles to get our registration packet for the Cathouse run. We got soooo lost. Ended up at Scott and Kitty's for a little bit, then went back to Becky's house so I could meet her and Gus. Edward and I finally got the map to Paramount and headed out. We found it, but the registration packets were downtown! We just made it. Got to park on Virginia Street, got our packets, and decided to go to the Peppermill for dinner. Had a good dinner, looked around the vendors for a while, then decided to head home and get some rest. I was pooped!

Friday morning, we woke up and went downtown and parked on Virginia Street again (last time). Got our poker run info and met up with a bunch of Edward's riding buddies. Finally got going, and we rode out to Minden for lunch. Got there really late (Virginia Street is really slow! Use the freeway!) and had a good chili dog and nachos for lunch. Started back, and once we got through the Carson City traffic, we finally wound up at the HD shop. The poker-run table was already closed (and I was working with 3 Jack's with 2 more stops!!!!) so we just looked around the store. I left the store to go sit out on my bike and wait for Edward, when someone starts yelling at me, "Man, I never thought I'd run into you out here!" It was my friend KayDee and her friend Linda. We chatted for a while, compared bikes (KayDee has the same bike as I do) and decided to all head out together to the shopping Pavillions. Well, Edward tried his best to lose the two ladies, but they stayed up with us! Since neither of us knew the best way to go, we were always abruptly switching lanes. We finally made it to the Pavillions and did some shopping. I got my hat there and a new patch. We split up with the ladies and we headed to Scott and Kitty's for dinner. Nice dinner. Edward and I left there and went back downtown. Not much going on, so we went home and went to bed.

Saturday morning was the day! Cathouse Run!!!! Edward and I got out at 8 am, went to McDonald's for breakfast. When we left, I noticed anti-freeze under my bike. I had a leak!!!! So we went to meet a couple of Edward's friends at the Holiday Inn. I parked and got out my tool kit, tightened up a screw, and that fixed my leak. I felt just like a Harley owner having to fix my bike in the parking lot! :) We took off for Paramount's and it was packed! Good thing we were pre-registered. Dave and David got their packet and we were off and running. We lost David almost right off the bat. I think he went up 80 to Mustang, while we went south to the KitKat. We never did meet up with him again. Along the way, we got lost due to my lack of navigating experience! I just took a wrong turn. I think we might have been delayed about 10 minutes or so. Anyway, we got to our first stop, and that was sure an eye opener (see pics). There were 3 cathouses down that one road. I think the Sagebrush Ranch was the best out of all 5 we visited. They had a menu!!!! Got our pic with one of the ladies. Really nice lady. Since she was tall, my head rested perfectly on her natural assets! ;) Reluctantly, we left for Virginia City. Great ride from KitKat to VC. Once we hit VC, parking was a nightmare! Dave and I parked about 1/2 a mile away from the Bucket of Blood. Edward found one a little closer. When I parked, there was another Shadow 1100 parked next to me, and he asked me all sorts of questions about my bike, modifications, pipes, goodies, etc. He and his wife just finished 1,500 miles at that point. Got my card punched, took a few pics, looked at a lot of bikes, then headed out. The ride through VC was long, but it was fun. Felt like a parade. There were people lining the whole street, some taking pics. So, I'm in some people's pics out there somewhere! Finally made it to the Mustang Ranch (closed) but wound up at the place in back of it. The Old Bridge Ranch was ok, but our next stop, the Wild Horse, was where we got to see a lot of bare...tops! We almost lost Dave there to the "Librarian", but he was a good boy and didn't go back for her. Good for you, Dave! Went to the final stop and turned in our poker cards ( I got NOTHING!) and had dinner. Thought I would run into my friend, Kerry, along the way, but we kept in contact by 2way pager the whole time. He didn't leave VC until almost 4 pm. So, Edward and I went downtown to check out all the vendors. Looked around and got a few things, nothing major. Went to the El Dorado to try to meet up with Don and some others, but never did find them. Edward didn't want to wait around, so we left and ran into some of his group from Yuba City. Walked around just a little bit more down Virginia Street, then Edward left to go home and rest. I stayed and ended up finding a chair right on the corner of Virginia Street and Commercial Way! I stayed there for about 2 hours, just sending emails and watching all the bikes and babes go by. I even got approached by one lady (Tracy) who wanted to take me home! She and her friend never did come back, but it sure did make my evening! ;) Finally got up from the chair and went down toward the Silver Legacy. Fred called and we finally met up. Don, Roy, Fred, and a few others were there. Great fireworks show. Went home right after that and packed up for my ride home.

Met Don and Fred at Denny's for breakfast, then left for home around 9:15. We ended up going 395 down to 89 below Topaz Lake at the border, then up to hwy 4 and down to Angels Camp. From there, we followed Hwy 49 all the way to Auburn and I headed home from there arriving at home right at 6 pm. It was a great ride with some awesome scenery.

All in all, this was one of the most fun times I've had with my clothes on! I can't wait for next year. I have many more pictures, but I don't think that some of them are appropriate for this website! ;) My butt is sore from riding over 700 miles this weekend, but it was well worth it. Next year...the 3 brothers ride together!

Our first stop...Atlantis Hotel. This is where we registered.


Our first and only time parking on Virginia St. Friday morning, just before the start of the poker run which we didn't get to finish.
Vendors all over the place.


Edward in front of the HD store in Reno.


Edward and I on matching rides! This is probably the closest I'll want to get to riding a HD. 


Rich, Jan and Ed in the parking lot of the Carson Valley Inn.


Linda packing her stuff, and KayDee on the phone.


In the parking lot of the Holiday Inn. Had to fix a leak on my bike here. Felt just like a Harley owner!


Me, David, Ed, and Dave just before heading out on the Cathouse Run.


Ed and I in front of the Kit Kat.


Didn't really even have to go inside the cathouse to see flesh!


One of the highlights of the run!


This woman was soooo friendly. :)


Edward in the middle of Virginia City.


This should be Edward's bike. Dragons and stuff all over it.


Parking in Virginia City. It was a lot of fun riding down this street. Felt just like being in a parade.


          Me in front of the Old Bridge Ranch in Mustang. (Been there, got the T-Shirt)


Edward in front of the Reno sign.


Fred and I on the way home. The view from here was great!


Fred and Sierra Don...jailed in Murphy!


Me too!


Pics that Edward took

Just registered for Street Vibrations at the Atlantis Hotel.



Leaving Paramount's for the Cathouse Run. Edward took this picture as Dave, David and I rode up to meet him at his bike. The arrow is me! :)


Dave and Ed in front of the Kit Kat Ranch.


Ed and I hanging out in the land of brothels!


Dave and I.


Me, waiting to get my poker hand punched. First stop at the HD store in Reno.
Just before we left for our second stop on the Cathouse Run.


Ed can't wait to get going!


Ed took this picture of me in front of the Bucket of Blood. You can just barely see me under the red arrow. This is what Virginia City was like the whole time we were there. Bikes as far as the eye could see.

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