Street Vibrations Spring Rally


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385 miles of some of the most beautiful scenery California has to offer. Donner Lake scenic point.


On Mt. Rose Hwy overlooking Lake Tahoe.


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Left my place around 8:45 and took my normal route to Grass Valley to go meet Roy. This is Sunset Ave. Not many cars on the road and it was a beautiful day to be on the bike.


Once I hit Auburn, I was running a little late, so I decided to head up Hwy 80. There was almost no traffic until I approached my exit, then it's 3 semi's blocking the freeway.


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After turning on to Dog Bar Rd, this is the really sharp turn with the water canal. After a brief stop, Roy and I are on our way. The road leading to his house was recently paved. Made for a nicer ride down the street. Much better than the gravel road.


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After getting off the freeway portion of Hwy 49, went straight on to Hwy 20.


Lots of beautiful views of the river.


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Approaching the Donner Lake scenic view.


Donner Lake and the bridge just before the overlook.


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Requisite shot of our bikes in front of the lake view.


Yet another requisite shot of us with the lake view.


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I took the lead to Truckee and was able to get this shot of the winding road that will eventually go right by Donner Lake.


Got to KFC in Truckee and as we were parking, Edward and Ben pulled up.
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Got done with lunch and got ready to head out. Edward brought his Chatterbox even though the mic didn't work. He was still able to hear our conversation and answer yes or no questions. So, along the way on Hwy 89, we're just about to pass Squaw Valley and Edward waves at this lady standing on the side of the road. I thought he knew her and was going to give her a ride home or something. We all pull over with traffic whizzing by us so he can give her his spare helmet.


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Pic of Ed and Chris. While we were riding along, I was asking Roy if he knew who she was, and if he thought Edward knew her. So finally I ask Edward and he nods his head NO!


Edward giving Chris his phone number. We had to drop her off at the 7-11 so she could meet her friend.
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Edward got a hug for his generosity. Chris said she works at the Nugget and will call him to go on a ride. This was the first time she had been on a motorcycle.


Entering Nevada.
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Stopped off at a casino that had a small bike rally of their own. Edward used to have one of these bikes when he was younger.


Me, Edward, Roy, and Ben at the Mt. Rose scenic viewpoint. That's Lake Tahoe in the background.
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GPS shows we're on the Mount Rose Hwy.


Sign at the summit....8,900 feet in elevation.


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Approaching Mt. Rose ski resort.


Nice twisty roads with some beautiful views of the valley.


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Riding down South Virginia Street watching a jet come in for a landing.


Victoria Street in Sparks. Not too many people here on a Friday night.


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The Star Club was here in force. Lot's of Yamaha Stars, including this one. Check out the fender.


Edward said that this is for the woman passenger so she doesn't slide off!


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Had dinner at Fitzgerald. Roy won this "cool" hat at the Lucky Forest.


Edward telling Roy he needs pipes!


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Saturday morning before going to breakfast, Ed was showing Roy how to tell when the bike was warmed up. I guess you have to touch the top of the cylinder to tell.


What's this??? Ed's bike in front of a Yamaha store? We went to PowerSports before going to Denny's so Edward could get a new headset for his Chatterbox.


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While we were getting Ed's headset, we started chatting with AJ. She noticed Edward's name and then started calling him "The man with the 4 letter name." So Roy and I showed her our ID's as well (5 and 6 letter names). She was really nice, super cute, and very friendly. We ended up getting a discount because she liked us so much. We'll go back during Street Vibes '08 to say hi and get more stuff.


After breakfast at Denny's where we met Ben, Mikey, Sunny, and Tim, we took off to Virginia City. This is Sunny, Roy, Ben and Mikey, and Sunny. No clue who the guy is behind Tim. 
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Ed waiting at the light to head to Virginia City.


Me waiting at the same light.


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The road to Virginia City is smooth and twisty.


Signs announcing the approach to Virginia City.


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Entering Virginia City.


Virginia City....America's largest historical landmark.


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Main street is a LOT less crowded than during Street Vibrations in September.


Parking was no problem today.


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Ed and Roy


Me and Edward.


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Found another ride to try out.


Me in Virginia City, just down the street from the Bucket of Blood.


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Leaving Virginia City. After turning on to Hwy 50, Edward and I were talking and decided to take the group through the Cathouses on KitKat Lane. This place is packed during Street Vibrations in September.


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At the Bunnyranch II, they had a scrolling sign that announced that on Monday thru Thursday, they offer an AARP discount! One of the funniest things I have ever seen. I can't wait until I turn 50 and get my AARP card. I wonder if they give a AAA discount?


Left to right:

Roy (photoshopped in because he isn't supposed to be here), Edward, Tim, Mikey and Ben, and Sunny.

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What's Ben looking at? The Sagebrush Ranch? I told Mikey that they cater to couples too. She was a bit shocked, but still asked more questions!


Got to Carson City HD store. Big store and a cool sign for taking pics. Roy and Edward in front of the sign.


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Edward telling Roy, Mikey, and Ben about all the test bikes they had there. He was trying to convince Mikey and Ben that they needed to get a HD instead of riding around on a Goldwing.


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At the HD store getting ready to leave, these two ladies are on scooters leading a pack of motorcycles out of the parking lot.


Check out the kid just to the left of the sign.
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Edward and Roy with yet another advertisement photo.


The Harley Dolls were performing today. This is Abby who sang for the crowd.


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Another shot of Abby.


July on stage. Had a very infectious smile.


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Lady and E.


E and Lady performing their dance routine.


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E and Lady. Nice poses.


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This is my favorite shot of July. She had that sultry look down to an art.


Lady is very flexible!


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All three. July was looking right at me when I took this.


After a small break, the Dolls changed and July is stretching before her performance.


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This group knew how to get the crowd going.




080606a074.jpg (88180 bytes) 080606a075.jpg (54471 bytes)
I don't know who's luckier...Lady or the other two!?!?!?!?!


July is just barely staying in her shirt.


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E with the classic pose.


July and E shaking up the crowd.


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Lucky Lady.


July stretching the other arm.


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End of the show.


Abby gets the attention of the rest of the group.


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July flashing the ILY sign. Got their autographed pic and this pic with them. Of course, Ben cut off their heads, but it's still a highlight of the weekend. Gave July my website address, so hopefully she'll see these.


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One last shot of the Harley Dolls.


Extreme sports. These guys are crazy.
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What happens if he misses the back of his bike?


Same question!


080606a088.jpg (61479 bytes) 080606a089.jpg (96545 bytes)
A complete flip. They're nuts! Unfortunately, I witnessed one of the riders miss second gear and hit neutral on his way up the ramp. He veered off the side of the ramp and ended up hitting the ground pretty hard. Shaken and a bit battered, he got up and walked amongst a thunderous applause and made his way to a car to take him to the hospital.


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Ben and Mikey watching the shows. This is the kid in the earlier pic. He was pretty cool with his helmet, chopper, and cold drink while watching the Harley Dolls.


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Ben's Goldwing with the trailer. He got this complete setup for and trailer. It's a beautiful bike and the trailer is really big. Look close, you can fit a body in there!


Me on Victoria Street in Sparks on Saturday evening.
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Roy has always wanted a Triumph in this style. He finally got to sit on one. I doubt he'd trade his Road King in for this though!


Couldn't decide what to eat, so we went in to the Nugget and shared a bowl of mein with roast duck!
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While waking through the casino, Roy runs in to two former students, Jimmy and Cindy. Roy's old neighbor, Melissa was there too. I didn't recognize her. She looks great and so I had to get this pic with her. ;-)


080606a096.jpg (113145 bytes) 080606a101.jpg (86409 bytes)
Me in front of a place with my nickname that Roy calls me. Of course, just before he took this pic of me, the curb got the best of his bike!


Wendy and Monika at Eurofest!
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These girls were selling shots at Eurofest.


Edward really liked this one. She was on the news the night before.


080606a100.jpg (107909 bytes) 080606a099.jpg (108911 bytes)
Edward and me in front of the Eurofest sign.


Edward and Roy at Eurofest.


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After eating our bratwurst dogs, we went shopping. Edward found this "Huggy Bear" hat. How does he manage to find the crazy ________(fill in the blank) at all these events?


Roy checking out the minor damage the curb did to his bike.
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Expensive? At this time in Sac, gas was around $4.40/gal. Sort of makes you want to go to Nevada to fill up on gas!


Just getting ready to leave after breakfast at Denny's.
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Met Cheri and Becky at Denny's. Here they are standing next to their vehicles. Cheri got a new "soccer mom" van. 


Roy, Becky, Edward, Cheri, and me.
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Heading over Mt. Rose, saw many signs like this.


Beautiful views of Lake Tahoe as we're heading down the grade.


080606a110.jpg (96119 bytes) 080606a111.jpg (94215 bytes)
Just before Truckee, nice shot of the river.


Ran in to this traffic slow down. They were working on this guy on the side of the road.


080606a112.jpg (116004 bytes) 080606a113.jpg (122708 bytes)
Luckily, he doesn't look too hurt.


Stopped off at Donner Lake to use the facilities.


080606a114.jpg (65825 bytes) 080606a115.jpg (49871 bytes)
Heading over Donner Pass, saw some snow left on the ground.


Arrived at Roy's house for a quick break and to grrrrr the cat, Edge. He likes it.


080606a116.jpg (91965 bytes) 080606a117.jpg (38619 bytes)
Dog Bar road on the way home.


Crossing Bear River. Managed to get a distant shot of these ladies enjoying the water.


080606a118.jpg (61957 bytes) 080606a119.jpg (80705 bytes)
On the way home, coming down Fair Oaks Blvd. just after passing San Juan, the road is completely blocked off. I pulled up a little farther and then flipped a u-turn. On the side of the road on the right, I could see there was a power pole down in the middle of the street. After doing a u-turn, I asked a lady standing on the side of the road if she lost power due to this. She said she was actually following the guy and trying to get his license plate to 911 when he crashed in to the pole. He was driving erratically and crashed before she could even get his plate number. Got gas when I got home. I managed to make it home all the way from Reno on one tank of gas. 53 mpg. Looks like I got a $.10 cent discount. Woohoo!