Sierra Valley


What a great day for an eleven hour, 382 mile ride. A bit hot toward the end of the day, but we got to see it all. Cool mountain air, snow, green everywhere, waterfalls, hot valley heat. Left home at 8 in the morning and got home around 7 that night. This was a good test for gas mileage:

Sac to Grass Valley: 42 mpg     Grass Valley to Quincy: 55 mpg     Quincy to Yuba City: 49 mpg

Lessoned learned.....Ride more in the mountains! :-)


Met Ed at the usual meeting spot, had the usual breakfast, then took off around 9:30 to meet Roy in Grass Valley.


Met Roy at the Chevron Station off of Hwy 49 and McKnight Way. He got there just as we were pulling in. Good timing.
Our first stop up Hwy 49 was at Peterson's Corner. Ran in to a bunch of Ed's HOG group on a Boozefighter poker run. This is Roy, Ed, and Sherry.


Sherry, Ed, Doug, and Roy.


A little further up 49, we stopped along the Yuba River at Fiddle Creek and took these pics.


A few campers here. The dogs that were there had no idea what to think of us. This was a good place for a butt-break before heading in to Downieville.
The Ng brother's.


Downieville. Got something to drink and rested for a bit.
There were a lot of other bikes here. Most of them were parked across the street.


Crossing the Downie River.
After turning on to Hwy 89, we hit snow. Had to get a pic of us in the snow. Even though there was a lot of snow, the temperature was perfect for riding.


Here at the vista point, we could actually see Sierra Don's home town of Loyalton. Hard to see in this pic, but it's just between Ed and Roy's head.


Loyalton is just to the right of the tree in between Roy and I.


Another view of Sierra Valley. Notice the green gecko in front of us on the rock?
Ed and Roy. This was a great place to stop and just take in the view of the whole valley. I took the pic at the top of this page from here.


Ed really wanted to eat at Morning Thunder. We pulled in to Quincy after passing through Graeagle. We wanted to eat at that burger place in Graeagle, but it was closed. So we decided to eat at Morning Thunder. Notice the sign in lower left corner. It says "closed." We missed lunch by about 5 minutes!


So, we ate at Stoney's Country Burgers. Kathie and Butch will be heading up here in a couple of weeks on their annual Pancake Run. Roy was telling us all about how he designed the plans for the addition to this place. We ended up getting the "Designer's Special." Two burgers, fries, and drinks for only $8.00! I think the cashier made a mistake. :)


Coming down the Feather River canyon, we saw lots of waterfalls. It was a beautiful ride down the canyon.
Coming down the canyon, Ed had this stupid cager on his a$$.


Stopped off at Scooters for another butt-break. Really started to get hot by this time.
Back where it all started. Stopped in at Sam's and got a root-beer float. Ed's showing off all of his pins. First time I rode with just a solo seat on my bike. Looked really cool. Ed's pointing out the latest chrome part he's added on to his bike.