Sierra Loop


Woke up early Sunday morning, got to Fred's house and headed out on Hwy 49 to Angels Camp. Had to stop at the Frog Place for an ice cream! Get the Flavor Blast!


Where the hell is Don????? (He was only an hour late!) We stopped at Strawberry for lunch. Met Mean Gene, Joe, and Deb.
Jammin' Al, Fred, Vivian, Joe, and Deb laughing at Sierra Don. Yeah, he wasn't there yet, but we're still laughing at him. :)


Terry and Brian...drinking their lunch!
Dang, is Don ever going to show up????


Fred and Kathline. This is in between Strawberry and Dardanelle. That's James in the background taking pics of Judy.
The view from this site was great. Lots of waterfalls and trees. bike parking only!
What a group! Paul, Brian, Sam, Terry, Kathline, Fred, Mark, Joel, Judy, James.


Had to stop and admire the scenery here.
Terry still hasn't recovered from the Ptomain to Tomales run! Snow! And this is nothing compared to what we saw just a few miles back. Had to stop and warm up a little. Overall, a great way to spend a Sunday. 370 miles on some very twisty roads.