Secret Agent Run


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What a great day to go for a 173 mile ride. Roy and Edward flaked on this one, but there will be plenty more. This is at lunch in Fairfield. Left to right are:

Michelle, Edwin, Paul, "Mac", Jeff, Jeff

Thanks to Michelle for taking the picture (yeah, 2 Michelle's, 2 Jeff's)


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Met Michelle at the Cheveron in West Sac. She finally used her OEM gas and was filling her tank...with assistance from Edwin!


Here's the group getting ready to take off. Decided to head to Winters and go to Lake Berryessa.


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Since everyone thought I knew the way, I was in the lead. Don't really like leading unless it's a route that I have done several times. We were just one of several packs of bikes on the road today.


Part of Lake Berryessa...I think. As you can see, this day turned out to be really nice.
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Our first stop was the The Corners at the junction of 128 and 121. Lots of bikes here. A couple of us got a quick bite to eat, and then decided that heading to Clear Lake was too long of a wait for real food.


So, the decision was made to head to Fairfield.
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Michelle took the lead on this leg of the trip. She took those corners at a pretty good speed. I ended up scraping on several of the curves.


Here's Jeff nudging me along. If I nudged any further, I'd be in Edwin's trunk!
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After lunch, Michelle, Mac, Jeff, and Jeff took off down Hwy 80. Edwin and I decided it was more scenic back-tracking. I think this is on Suisun Valley Rd.


Just a pic of some of the scenery we saw all day today.
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We ended up stopping at Monticello Dam. The big toilet in the lake. This is really neat to see. There is a lot of water flowing into this thing.