Sam's Lunch


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On the way to Yuba City to meet Roy for lunch. Got out of the house on time, so I took the "scenic route" and took Elkhorn Blvd instead of the freeway. Followed this van for a little bit and if you click on the pic to make it bigger, you can see my reflection in the back of the van.


Cool reflection in the water.
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Sutter Buttes and some rice fields. Lots of sun and cool weather.


Roy approaching the gas station.


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Roy pulling in to the parking area where we always meet.


Got lunch at Sam's. Polish dog combo.


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Had to take a small detour to get on to Bridge St. I think this is on Wilbur St. Nice little park area to sit and relax.


Crossing the river.
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On Simpson Ln heading toward Beale AFB.


As we were on the backside of Beale AFB, we saw this pair of  U2 planes flying and landing.


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One U2 plane at top left, the other bottom left just getting ready to land.


This is a nice road, especially during the spring when it's all green.


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The road undulates a lot. Looks like a lot more fun than it really is.


Big sweeping turns.


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On Dog Bar Rd in Grass Valley. I have tried several times to get this shot of the curve in the road. In person, it's really neat.


Edge with my bike in the background at Roy's house.
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The Civil War guy got some cannonballs since the last time I saw him.


Heading home, there were a lot of Halloween decorations all over.


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Lake Arthur. On Auburn-Folsom Rd during rush hour on a Furlough Friday. Traffic was worse on the other side of the road. It was a little warm, but still a great day for a 153 mile ride. Heading to Gold Country Casino tomorrow for the buffet!