Renegade Toy Run 2015



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13th Annual Santa Claus Toy Run sponsord by Renegade Classics. Great weather this year for the ride to Thunder Valley.


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Traditional breakfast of champions!


Ran in to Cemme and Charles. I always look forward to seeing them during this toy run.


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Mountain Man is usually here and this sleigh bike is always one of the first to lead.


Here's another sleigh bike that is always out front.


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Larger crowd this year than in the past couple of years due to rain. But this year is another story!


Even inside the store was busy. You can see me in the monitor at the top, just left of center.


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Santa Claus is always popular this time of year.


Where did he sit?


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One of the best decorated bikes here this year.


Snoopy and Woodstock on the back.


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Think this scooter has enough lights and mirrors? At least I wasn't the only scooter this year.


Mrs. Claus' selling raffle tickets.


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Long line of bikes heading toward the freeway.


We had all of the intersections blocked off for us all the way to the casino.


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My Nerf Hoop on the pile of toys.


Huge pile of stuffies. It was a good year!


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Buffet line.


My plate of food. It was very good.


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Got more than enough food.


Charles and Cemme found me a little bit later.


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After I finsished eating, I found out my niece is here!


This is one of her friends in the club.


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Some lady won this bike. She was very happy! Troy addressing a packed house.
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