Renegade Toy Run 2014


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12th Annual Renegade Santa Claus Toy Run sponsored by Renegade Classics. Haven't missed a year of this ride. It was another wet and cold run this year, but not as bad as 2012. But we were able to donate more than 1,200 toys to the local Sacramento area kids.


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Got a little wet on the ride to Renegade Classics. Pulled up, and I was the only scooter, once again, at the run. You can see my blue scooter behind me.


Only about 70 bikes there this year. Took up one row of parking, where there would normally be 4+ rows of parking filled.


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Santa's helper selling raffle tickets.


Raffle prizes.


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Getting ready to start the ride. All of the ride pics are courtesy of my co-worker, Cemme.


Cute decorated backpack.


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We got on the freeway a little different this year. Made a left out of the parking lot and turned on to 65th street. That's me just behind the lime green bike.


Continued on until we hit the freeway at 59th street.
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Appropriate cautionary sign. It was definitely windy.


Most of the bikes stayed in formation the whole way.


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These guys stayed dry the whole way.


Once we approached 99/70, the rain turned to drizzle, and roads were less wet.


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Cemme got several pics of me riding. I only have a few pics of me actually riding.


Long line of bikes heading to the casino.


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A group of bikes pulled over. I think someone's bike had mechanical failure.


Entering the Thunder Valley parking garage.


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Phototbombed by the event photographer. :)


Sleigh bike leads the ride every year.


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Handing in my toy. This little guy was really excited to help take the toys.


Pile of toys. My toy is in the back, right in the middle.


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Cemme, Lawrence, Charles, and me, after lunch. Cemme and her husband Charles. They weren't going to go because of the rain, but figured there was so much effort put into organzing this run, they should go to support it. They were glad they did. It ended up being a really nice day.


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Me and Cemme.


Troy, the owner of Renegade Classics.


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Crowd waiting to see who wins the new bike. Troy kept saying, "Don't be a Cecil Gomez." Apparently, this is the guy that should have won the bike last year, but his wife made him leave 30 minutes before they drew his name.


Here's what they gave away.
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During one part of the party, Troy was handing out free stuff. He said he'd give this $90 bag to anyone who could show him 5 or more past run pins. I waited about 20 seconds, and nobody was going up there. So I ran up there and showed him all of my past pins and got a new tool bag!


Thunder Valley puts on a good buffet. Since I am dieting, I had lot of pulled pork, meatballs, and a little bit of beans and cole slaw. Even went back for seconds. Another fun year of riding the scooter.
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