Renegade Toy Run 2013


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11th annual toy run. The weather was perfect! Sure did make up for last year's weather. I was probably one of the first 100 bikes to show up. My bike is to the right in this picture.


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Was expecting more scooters to show up since there were about a dozen last year.


But as it turns out, I was the only scooter in a sea of about 2000 motorcycles.
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Renegade had music playing and had a few booths setup at the store.


Troy made announcements throughout the morning.


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I had my standard breakfast at these things. Maple bar and coffee.


Cool Giants bike.


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After several years of missing this group, they found me in the crowd. Tony, Dreama, Charles, and Cemme.


Our escorts. These guys did a great job blocking traffic and leading us to the casino.


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Tammy and Mike in some cool Santa outfits. Ended up eating lunch with these two.


Just before we left for the casino.
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This bike always leads the way.


Cute Snoopy decorations.


There were a lot of bikes with cute stuffies on them. Here are as many as I could find.
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All of the donated toys went to local charities.


Handing in my toy.


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The line to get into the food tent was super long.


There were a lot of vendors in the tent as well as the band.


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Even Santa was checking out the vendors.


Buffet line.


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Food was pretty good.


Later, they had some good chicken wings in the buffet.


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This is the bike they gave away. We filled up two stages full of toys.