Renegade Toy Run 2012


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10th annual Renegade Toy Run. The wettest one yet, and probably the worst as far as bike attendance. This pile of toys is about half of what it was last year.


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We arrived at Renegade around 10:15am. That's about two hours later than I would normally arrive due to the rain. But it didn't stop me from getting my breakfast!


This was about 45 minutes before we were leaving. There were less than 100 bikes there.
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The crowd waiting outside was thin. There was only one vendor here this year, and that was Cycle Shade. I got one since I missed my chance to get one at Street Vibrations this year.


This picture encompasses all the bikes that were there this morning.
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Probably the cutest and best decorated bike this year.


The dog house is really cute.


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There was a scooter group that joined us this year. They call themselves the Royal Bastards Scooter Club. Really nice group. One lady rode her 250 scooter across country...13 days.


Getting ready to turn in the duck that Carla gave me.
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The lady on stage held her arms out and I tossed the duck to her and turned in my traditional Nerf basketball hoop.


The duck sort of sticks out of all the other toys. He's in good company.
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The food area was busy, but nearly like it was last year. There was no line for food by the time we got in and easily found a place to sit. Troy handed out some free stuff. I only got my calendar, but that's what I really look forward to every year.


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This parking lot is normally filled with bikes. We barely filled two rows in the parking garage. A lot of people just drove to the casino in their cars. My bike was still wet as we left the event. On the way home, there was no rain, but the roads were still very wet. On one left turn, my front tire slipped out and made for a scary moment. Another time, my rear tire slipped out when I hit a painted line. Other than that, it was a very wet, cold, and windy ride. I wouldn't have missed it!