Renegade Toy Run 2010


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The Monday before the 2010 8th Annual Renegade Toy Run, it was 81 degrees in Sacramento. Today, the high was 55, windy and raining. Headed to Renegade Classics around 9:15am and about half way there, it started to sprinkle, then got a little heavier as I rode into the parking lot. It was a good ride even though it was a bit wet. 64 miles in sun, rain, and wind.


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At first glance, it looks like a potato. It's my breakfast of champions...a maple bar!


There weren't too many people in the store at this time. It was nice and warm in there.


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Off in the corner, I saw Kathleen Kinmont and Lorenzo Lamas signing pictures.


Got my pic with them. Kathleen was VERY nice and friendly. Lorenzo never took off his sunglasses.


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Food table. Normally, I would have eaten several donuts, but I just couldn't do it today.


Inside the registration room/food room.


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Raffle prize table. I bought $5 worth. I hope I win something. :) Lorenzo and Kathleen signing pics for people. That's the store owner, Troy, standing in the background.


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From this view, the parking lot looks full. But this is only one row filled with bikes. Normally, there would be 3 or more rows. Christmas tree bike. I think the bike just to the left was the bike that went down as we were exiting the parking lot. I had to stop just past the driveway, and I saw the bike laying in the middle of the road. The guy was walking around and had a big wet spot on his back from where he was lying on the rain-soaked road. His friends moved his bike to the side of the road and we continued on.


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Stuffy bike! I followed this bike for a while just before we arrived at Thunder Valley.


Santa Sleigh bike.


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The guy in the upper left in yellow is the front of the line. I wasn't too far away from the front.


Troy, making announcements about the ride and events happening out at Thunder Valley.


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Handing my traditional Nerf basketball hoop to the toy volunteer. Dining area was outside, windy, and cold. But if you were lucky to get a table near the heaters, it wasn't so bad...I wasn't that lucky.


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Standing in line for food. Long line, but it went pretty quick.


Cute Santa Elf. ;-)


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My lunch, clockwise from the cookies: Peanut butter cookies, pecan pie, shredded pork, bbq beef, roll, potato salad, cornbread with beans on top. Oh, and a Diet Pepsi to counteract all of the calories from the plate of food. :)


Saw Santa in the middle of the casino.
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Inside the events room. This bike parked next to me. After we passed the guy that dropped his bike, about a 1/4 of a mile down the road, the people ahead of me start weaving to avoid something in the middle of the road. It was this bike's left saddlebag! I looked at it, and it had a few scratches on the back side of the bag. Not too bad.