Renegade Toy Run 2009


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7th Annual Renegade Toy Run. Rained a lot on Friday, but it cleared up enough so we had a pretty good day of riding. A little cool. I think the high was only 57. Our route was a little different this year. We went through Davis and up 113 to get to the Woodland Fairgrounds. Only obstacle on the way was a bag of clothes in the #2 lane as we approached Davis. Overall, it was a good 80 mile day. Even though the crowd was light at the beginning of the day, it seemed like they all showed up just before we took off at 11am. Some of the people I talked to said they wanted to wait until it warmed up a little before arriving. And in the end, it looked like there were a lot of people that showed up....eventually. :)


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Picked up Fonzi around 9am. It was really cold. Arrived at Renegade Classics around 9:20 and we were able to park in the first row of bikes. There were not a lot of bikes here yet. As soon as we pulled up, Fonzi's bike started gathering a crowd as he was wiping off the morning dew.


Eric registering for the run.
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Found the food and I got my required donut and Eric had some cinnamon bites.


Also had my required hot link.


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Even as it approached 10am, there was only one row of bike parking taken up.


Cool SF 49'er paint job on this V-Star.


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Two cute bears waving hi as I took this picture.


This guy has been here a few times. Cool sled bike.


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Santa and his VERY decorated bike.


Had a bag of toys on the back.


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Fonzi on the phone with his girlfriend.


Troy announcing some of the days events that will be going on.


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This bike looked like it came through the snow!


My new work building as we passed over the Sacramento River.


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Fonzi on his chopper.


Nice pic of Fonzi and his chopper.


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Exiting on Gibson Rd. Long line of bikes exiting the freeway.


Me handing my toy to the girl at the collection tent.


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Met up with Cemme again, even though I don't work with her anymore. L to R, Charles, Cemme, Dreama, and Tony.

Cemme: Email me with names.


Paul and Cynthia. I work with Cynthia and see them here every year.
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Cemme took this pic of me. She wanted one with all of my pins.


Good food, just getting ready to dig in!


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Roll, Tri-Tip, bbq chicken, pulled pork, beans, and water. Not a veggie in site.


Noelle was walking around selling raffle tickets.


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Vendor area.


Prize table.


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Really great Santa and Mrs. Claus


Toy tent.


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Another shot of Fonzi as we were heading home.


Nice fall colors in West Sac.


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We decided to take the river road home and stay off the freeway.


Fonzi on the bridge near the Sacramento River.


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Two weeks before, Renegade Classics had a sale going on. Nichole flew up for the day, so we decided to go check it out. We looked around and got some pics with the Renegade Classics models. This one is a very nice Indiana Jones.


Dark Angel was actually at the toy run this year too. She was heading up to an event near Cache Creek to sign calendars and stuff.
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I had a good time taking these pictures.