Renegade Toy Run 2008


A short 80 mile ride today. The 6th annual Renegade Santa Claus Toy Run. I've been to every one. A perfect run for me to start riding again after my leg break. What I didn't realize is that my boot rubbed the scar on my ankle and it really hurt when I walked. But I made it through the day and had a great time.


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Went to pick up Fonzi around 8:20 and Terry was supposed to have already been there. Terry finally called me and said his battery was dead. So we went to the ATM then over to Terry's.


Terry got his bike started and we took off for gas down Eastern Ave.
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Got to Renegade and had plenty of time for breakfast. Hot link and a donut. This was actually my second donut since I forgot to take a pic of the first one. Besides, Roy told me to eat a donut for him.


Our bikes in the parking lot.
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Fonzi is already getting bored looking for hot babes.


Met my friend, Connie. We go to ASL socials in Folsom.


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Fonzi and I near our bikes. I guess I need a hat too.


Hey, what's that? Whoa, nevermind!!!!!!!


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Terry's wife must be sooooo proud of her husband.


Leaving Renegade heading towards Howe Ave on Folsom Blvd approaching my work.


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Fonzi and Terry on I-5 just after passing the airport exit.


Crossing the causeway. Ran in to a lot of fog.


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Mountain man arrived a bit late but everyone still got their pics with him. My bike next to a really decorated bike. I signed up to enter my bike in the best decorated bike contest. Little did I know, I got front row parking! However, I didn't go through with it because there were only 3 prizes and every other decorated bike there was more decorated than mine.


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Toy tent with all the toys they collected today.


This guy is there every year and he entered the contest too. I didn't stand a chance in the contest.


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Beer girls!


Terry getting his wristband. Love the pose of the Beer Girl!


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Terry pointing out the bottle of tequila he wants to win.


Prize table.


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Terry found something else he wanted to win. Beer in one had, Jack Daniel's in the other!


Terry with the cute food service lady.


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This was lunch. Pretty good food this year. Chicken, pork, and tri-tip. I wanted to go back for seconds, but dessert got in the way.


Here's dessert. That's a Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bar.
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Chopper Dave, Fonzi, and me after eating lunch.


Cemme and her group. Left side, Toni, Dreama, and Tony. Right side, Tony, Cemme, and Charles.


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This group is from Citrus Heights and had these cool matching hats.


Bill and Tanya. Haven't seen them for a couple of years. Bill now has a Road King.


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Terry took this pic of me.


Lots of the same ol' vendors. Lots of the same ol' crap.


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Terry is somewhere in this picture.


These girls were signing people up for something.


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These two Beer Girls were nice enough to pose for this pic. The one on the left actually looks a bit like Paris Hilton. I gave the one on the right the website address.


Fonzi talking to Bill about fixing his paint job.
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Dave next to his chopper.


Me next to my Rudolph non-chopper.


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Terry getting ready to leave.


Fonzi is braking Fred Flinstone style!


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Fonzi and Chopper Dave rolling down Elkhorn Blvd.


Riding down Terry's street. All the trees were changing color.


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Walking around, the guy that owns Renegade handed out these calendars. While we were eating, they tossed out a bunch of stuff too. I managed to get this handkerchief and lip balm.