Renegade Toy Run 2007


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5th annual Renegade Toy Run. 2nd year going by myself. The total ride was only 80 miles.


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Woke up and got gas, then took off for Renegade Classics. Started off a cold, foggy morning. This is Folsom Blvd. approaching Howe Ave.


Breakfast was good...glazed donut, hot link, and coffee!
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Walking around looking at the bikes, ran in to my friend Clar. She used to work with me and now she's working for Kendon Industries Inc. If you see something on the website that you like, send her an email at So if you need a bike lift or trailer, contact her.


Clar and me catching up.
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This is the guy bbq'ing the hot links. They were really good. I got the mild one and it was pretty spicy. I can't imagine what the spicy one was like!


Raffle ticket girl.
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This guy had his Goldwing all decorated and was pulling a trailer fully decorated.


Here's what he had on his dash.


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Cemme, Charles, Tony, and Toni. I work with Cemme.


Cemme looking at clothes.


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This guy had a huge remote control bike on the back of his bike.


It was probably the biggest toy there.


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Mr. Traffic Director. I didn't know you had to run to your parking spot!


Evil Santa.


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How tall is this guy???? That's his significant other in red.


Small, medium, large!


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This guy has his wheelchair in the sidecar.


He has a suicide shift, but I don't know how it's used on this bike.


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Shot across the crowd just before heading to Woodland.


Passing under the train tracks on Folsom Blvd.


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Passing my current work place.


Passing my future new work place.


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Mr. Motorcop leading the way.


More Mr. Motorcops blocking traffic for us entering Woodland.


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Shot of the vendor lot. There must have been a dozen or more vendors.


Sacramento King's Bike.


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Lunch. Roll, beans, tri-tip, pork, chicken, and a soda.


Inside the food venue.


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Paul and Cynthia. I work with Cynthia. I think this is the first bike event I have run in to them at. All the toys we gave to the kids.