Renegade Toy Run 2006


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Renegade's 4th annual toy run. The past 3 years we have ridden to Cache Creek Casino, but this year, we rode to the Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodland. Not quite as exciting, but I had to at least see what it was like. It was a short ride...69 miles...but it was really cold, so that's ok that it was sort of short.


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Started out the day at 8 am. This is a shot on Fair Oaks Blvd approaching El Camino. It was a bit foggy and damp.


Arrived at Renegade around 8:30 and I was probably one of the first 100 bikes in the parking lot.
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Not a lot of people this early in the morning. There was plenty of food and the line was non-existent!


This was breakfast...scrambled eggs, greasy sausage, and a donut!


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Mrs. Claus selling raffle tickets.


Mrs. Claus 2 selling raffle tickets. I bet Santa is really tired!


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After eating breakfast, I just waited around the entrance and watched all the bikes come in. Saw Bill and Naomi pull in.


Right behind them was Allen and Becky.
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This Goldwing was hauling a trailer done up like a sleigh.


Who knows what this is! It looks like a sleigh too and with the Goldwing, lead the first group out to ride to the fairgrounds.


This is a panoramic shot of the parking lot just before we left. You can see all the bikes across the street too.


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Heading under the Elvas railroad crossing. Bikes were still arriving as we were leaving. They sent us out in 2 waves. We left at 10, the next group left at 11.


Approaching I-5. Traffic was pretty bad until we got out near the airport.
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It was still foggy as we approached the airport.


This sign tells it all.


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I missed this shot, but there's a custom bike off the road. I guess he got off the road and ended up in the dirt and mud. There were about a dozen bikes trying to help him out.


Got to the fairgrounds and it was still foggy. Lots of parking if you were the first to arrive.
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Inside the hall. There were a lot of tables, food lines, and beverage stations. Seemed to be about the same size as Cache Creek. I have no idea why they changed the location this year.


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This is Kay Fink from my work. Well, she doesn't work there anymore, but she recognized me as I walked toward the food line.


Beans, tri-tip, pork, and bread. They had sausage and chicken too, but I was still full from breakfast! Plus, you had to buy your soda now instead of it being provided for free! The food was ok. It wasn't as good as when the run went to Cache Creek, but it was ok.


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The entrance to the hall. These blow-up Santa's on bikes are cool.


They did have vendors here this year. That was a nice change.


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Cute girl with all the presents.


View of the parking at the fairgrounds.


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On the way home, the sun finally came out a little bit. I don't know if I will go on this run next year if they go to the fairgrounds again. The food wasn't nearly as good as Cache Creek's, and the ride wasn't nearly as fun.