Renegade Toy Run 2005


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Wow, 200 miles of sun, bikes, toys, and great food! This is the 3rd annual Renegade Classics/Cache Creek Toy Run, and the 3rd year I will have done this run. It grows every single year. This year, they had a 3,000 rider limit to register for the run, which included breakfast, t-shirt, run pin, box of chocolates, and a great all-you-can-eat buffet at the casino. Plus, it all went to a great cause.


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Roy and Ed showed up at my place around 8:30 or so. Tab didn't go with us today because her maid-of-honor was here and they were going shopping for bridesmaid dresses. Here's Roy and Ed getting their stuff packed up and ready to go.


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Another shot of our bikes in front of the house.


Ed had to top off his gas before heading out.


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Roy did too. I lead the way to Renegade and this is the view approaching the parking lot. We arrived around 9:20 and the lot was packed!


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Ed and Roy after parking in the sea of bikes. As soon as we parked, Becky and Allen found us and came over to say hi. I asked him how the heck they found us in this crowd. Allen said it's pretty easy to spot the the 3 Ng brothers.


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Just a small shot of the number of bikes in the lot.


Ed and Roy having a donut and coffee. I just had coffee (stupid diet).


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Gee, cops in the donut line....who'da thunk!


Yes, it's Cheryl and Mike again!


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This lady put on the Mountain Man's jacket and did an interview for UPN 31. I'm not sure who she is, but if I find out, I'll put her name here. Look! It's Stacey from the Ronald McDonald House. I met her last year at the 2004 Toy Run. I was standing by Mike and Cheryl when I saw her go by. I wasn't sure it was her, so I timidly said, "Stacey?" Well, she turned around, and yelled, "Paul!" I was really surprised she remembered me, and I was even more surprised I remembered her name! I'm looking forward to seeing her again next year. Such a cutie!


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Here's another view of the parking lot at Renegade Classics. The entire parking lot was filled and the parking lots across the street were packed as well.


They let a group of us go at 10 am, even though we weren't supposed to leave until 11 am. This is just out of the parking lot approaching the freeway.


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Long line of bikes. You can see a big group just heading to Renegade. We are passing my work at this point. We had a police escort the entire way to Cache Creek.


Once we hit the freeway, we never really got up to speed. All of the cars were having a hard time getting on and off the freeway. That's Ed ahead of me and Roy just to the left.


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Ed with his traditional basketball.


Crossing over the Sacramento river.


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Click on this pic. You can't see the end of the line of bikes taking the off-ramp.


Even the local FD helped to block the intersections for us.


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Downtown Esparto. The trees were all different colors. Just before we made the turn towards Cache Creek, we were greeted by this crowd of people. I got to blast my airhorns a lot today!


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Once we got in to the parking lot, we started to get our toys off the bikes.


Ed's and my toy are still securely strapped on.


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In the banquet room at Cache Creek. There were 6 buffet tables and 6 bars. Soda was free, but water was $1.50!


Here's what I could eat....Hot dog, hamburger, chicken breast, cheese, and tri-tip.


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Mrs. Claus came around selling raffle tickets. I have no idea what they were for.


Just a shot of the bucket she had to carry around. :-)


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Santa was very happy to see the Mrs. This guy looks like Santa just caught him doing something naughty!


View of the stage in the banquet room.
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Here's the pile of toys collected. There were some really nice workers here too.


The parking lot was full! If I were to guess, there were 4-5,000 bikes there.


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On the way out to the parking lot, ran in to Naomi and Bill. Saw these two guys in the parking lot and they really looked familiar. It's Mac and Jeff from the Secret Agent Run.


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Rick from Middletown. He has police tires on his bike. Let's him go 80 miles after losing all pressure in his tire.


Jeff from Williams. He had to go back to work when he got home, but at least he got to go on a great ride before working.'


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Walking back in to Cache Creek, I saw Trish. I used to work with her. This is Ralph, Corinne, Trish, and Pete.


Mountain Man posing for pics. He directed parking the first year.
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Roy and I left around 1:30 and took off down Hwy 16 towards Hwy 20. As you can see, the weather was perfect! It was such a nice day to be out on the bike.


Mom took this pic of us just before Roy and I took off towards home.
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Of course, we had to stop by Sam's to get gas. I averaged about 47 mpg for the trip from Sac to Cache Creek to Yuba City. Got home just in time to take a shower, eat, and go see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!