Ripper's 2000 Debut


Guess who got a new bike? Yup, Ripper (Eric G.) did!


It's a Kawasaki 2000. Huge engine.


Sort of a purple flake color. Looks a little like his old Road Star.


Fred: "How big is the engine?"

Ripper: "2053 cc....125 cubic inches!"  Geeeeeez!


"What's that pedal for?"


That's the brake pedal...something Terry doesn't know much about! However, he sure does know where the throttle is! :)


Cool headlight assembly. Low beams.


High beams. Very bright!


While waiting in line for lunch, saw Michelle from Western Blue! Cute puppy.


Here's Jason, Ruth (Western Blue), Steve, and Michelle having lunch.


Fred, Terry, Ripper, and Fonzi finishing up lunch.


Steve, Jason, and the oh-so-shy Ruth!


Even though this bike is huge, fits Ripper like a glove.


"So I go left, then which way to get home?"


Ripper turning left. Ripper heading back to work....RIGHT!