Ride to the Snow


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Beautiful 165 mile ride began at the bottom of the Foresthill Bridge.


The water was really rushing today.


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Coming in to Georgetown.


Beautiful roads out of Georgetown.


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First bit of debris in the road.


Approaching Stumpy Meadows


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Beautiful day by the lake.


Weather was really nice here.


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Farther up the hill, snow started to creep out on to the road.


I could have ridden through the tire tracks, but it seemed a bit risky.


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Just as soon as I started the camera to take this pic, a car comes around the corner and stopped to wait for me.


Moved my bike to here and took this pic.
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Coming back to Stumpy Meadows.


More debris in the road.


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Stopped at the Olde Coloma Theatre. Used to interpret melodramas here.


Rode by the Marshall Gold Discovery site.


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Went past Folsom Lake. Lots of water. It was a great day for a ride and all on one tank of gas!