1st Annual Renegade Toy Run 2003


Rain threatened all week, but when Saturday finally arrived, it was a bright, sunny, but cold and windy, day. Met Roy at the McD's on Folsom and Greenback, filled up on gas, and headed straight down Folsom Blvd to Renegade Outlet Store, just down the street from my work. We got there around 9:45, and the place was PACKED! I was supposed to meet Ripper there at 10, but I had no idea if I was going to be able to find anyone in that crowd. Well, as soon as we registered, ate our donut, and looked around the store, Ripper found us. So, a crisp Saturday morning to help benefit the kids, and a 200 mile ride, makes for a pretty darn good day! Oh, and winning $30 with 2 hands of blackjack wasn't so bad either!


First person I run into that I know is Marcella. We used to work together. She is a member of Cap City Motorcycle Club.


Ed, Roy, and Ed's friend Ernie, eating the breakfast of champions!
Ed, me, and Ernie. Ernie lives in Williams too. As Roy and I were walking toward the registration booth, I heard someone call my name. It was Bill and Naomi from the Casino run and his friend Allen and his wife Becky (pictured here). That's Ed and Ernie in the back.


This is the lovely Naomi showing off her new Mustang seat and high backrest. I knew Bill was in trouble when she saw my seat and backrest at the Casino run. Apparently, they went home that night and ordered the seat and backrest. She looked much happier on this run.


There were a lot of people here. I have no idea how many, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that there were 1,000 people who showed up.
Here's Ripper trying out Allen's VTX. That's Bill, Naomi, Roy, Allen, and Becky spectating. Ed was over near his bike talking with Rich. Rich is from Ed's HOG club from Yuba City.


Ernie getting ready to take off. Just after we made the right on to Folsom Blvd. Bikes as far as the eye could see.


Bill and Naomi, followed by Allen and Becky. This was just coming into Esparto. You can't tell, but Naomi is smiling from ear to ear because she is so comfortable with her new seat and backrest! Bill's saying, "Two-hundred dollars and the seat is still not paid off! She'd better be happy!"  :-)


This guy had THE outfit on. He was directing traffic once we got to Cache Creek Casino. I got to park right in front of the casino. Roy, Ed, Ernie, and Rich had to park on the 4th floor of the parking garage. They followed the group through Woodland, but Bill, Allen, and I went around all that traffic and got there about 25 minutes ahead of them. Allen was skeptical that I knew where I was going. I told him, "Of course I know!" Actually, I was just following the two bikes ahead of us!


Allen, Becky, Naomi, and Bill arrive at Cache Creek. I really did know where I was going. Ed and I had gone that way about 5 months before when we did the Cache Creek to Thunder Valley ride.
Three platefuls of ribs, chicken, and tri-tip...each! *urp* One thing about this run...the food was pretty darn good. Bill, Naomi, Becky, and Allen.


Ran into Nancy too. We used to work together. I saw her last at Street Vibrations 2002 walking down Virginia St.
Ran into Cheryl Morrow on our way out. She went to school with Roy and Ed. The neighbors must think Mom is running a motorcycle club out of her house! We all pulled in around 2:30 and left about 3:00. Roy, me, Ed, Ernie, and Rich. Roy and I went to Yuba City. The other 3 went to Granzella's. Roy and I got home about the same time. Good day for a ride. Sure does get cold when the sun goes down. Now we just hope that we get our T-Shirts from Renegade! They ran out when we got there this morning!