Ride To Renee's


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Supposed to be a nice day for a ride. Got to Ripper's house around 8 and had to wait a bit for Fonzi to get ready. Once he got going, we were heading out around 8:25.


On the way to the freeway, Fonzi tells Ripper he needs gas. So we stop at the 76 on Watt Ave
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On Hwy 99 approaching Yuba City. The trees were in full bloom.


After getting gas at Sam's, met Roy in the parking lot.


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Fonzi's bike.


Ripper never took his helmet off. Talked a lot about Roy's new bike.


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We took Ripper and Fonzi through the Sutter Buttes and then through Colusa.


Approaching the foothills outside of Williams. The Three Sisters are at the right of the picture.


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On Hwy 20 heading towards Clear Lake. The trees were really pretty.


Riding along Clear Lake. It was a little cool, but still really nice.


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Found our way to Renee's place. Parked our bikes and warmed up in the sun. Fonzi had to make sure all the chrome on his bike was sparkling clean.


Found good parking in the shade.
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Patty melt, fries, and some of the best brown gravy I have ever had. Totally blew the diet today.


Heading back the way we came.


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Another shot of Clear Lake.


More pretty trees along Clear Lake.


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This @$$hole was on Ripper's butt the whole way on Hwy 16 until he passed. Stupid people.


Stopped at Cache Creek gas station for a drink and ice cream.


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Ripper and Fonzi enjoying their ice cream.


Nice view behind them


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Riding through Esparto.


Riding through Woodland. We hit every single red light.


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On I-5 approaching the airport. At the top, you can see the plane that just took off from SMF.


Passed this cool sidecar.


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Got this good shot of Fonzi as we were taking the Auburn Blvd. exit. Good shot of Ripper and his white helmet. We had a great ride today. 290 miles.