Renee's Lunch


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A great day for a 345 mile ride to Renee's Cafe. Started out a little cold, but it wasn't too bad. Perfect weather the whole day.


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Met Roy at Sam's and got gas.


Checked out the new seat.


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First time riding with my GPS. Very easy to see, and I discovered that I can tell when I miss calls now. Going to work on hooking up the cell phone to the chatterbox.


Heading down George Washington Rd.
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Caught this cool picture crossing over the water.


Passed this field of sunflowers.


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Roy racing the bicyclists!


Sheep...I still don't collect them


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Lot's of road work on the way to Cache Creek. Orange cones everywhere.


Great weather and scenery on Hwy 16.


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Cache Creek.


Clear Lake on the way to Lakeport.


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Arriving at Renee's Cafe.


Parking in the shade.


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Nice spot out of the sun.


Patty melt, fries, and brown gravy. They charged $1.00 for the gravy!


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This is Stacy and Sundance. They are from Santa Rosa and are a really nice couple.


Looks like an older Sportster. Check out the skull mirrors!


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Coming home along Clear Lake.


Great pic of Roy on Hwy 20 on the way to Williams.


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Roy, passing Roy's! Our dad and mom built this store when I was 2, and it's still called Roy's Supermarket. I grew up in this store and have a lot of memories in there. I learned to ride my bicycle in this parking lot. After visiting with mom, caught this great sunset just before getting on the freeway.