Renee's Diner


Total Miles = 311

Avg. MPG = 42

Avg Gas Price per Gal = $3.77

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Met Roy in Yuba City, got gas, then headed out on Hwy 20. Brand new pavement made for a smooth ride leaving Yuba City.


Riding along Clear Lake. It was a cool ride the whole way there.
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Bird bath, but you can't feed the birds.


Great spot to park the bikes.


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This place had a lot of bird houses for sale. Maybe some bat houses too?


Great scenic view on Hwy 20.


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Coming out of the foothills approaching Williams.




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Roy and I stopped at the store to take this pic.


Approaching the Williams arch.


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County fair going on in Colusa.


This is along the river road outside of Colusa. Is this new?


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On the frontage road approaching Yuba City. Great views of the Sutter Buttes.