Last Day of PDT 2003


October 25, 2003...the last day before we change time. And, the last day to get in a long ride before it starts turning dark at 5:00 pm! Terry came over to my house around 7:50 am, and we took off for Grass Valley. Met Roy up at his place, warmed up a little, then we were off on our 345 mile day through the Sierra Nevada mountains.


Need to backtrack just a bit. This is the night before we left. Recognize her? It's Susan Powter (Stop the Insanity!) She was at Border's in Folsom. I was interpreting her speech for a couple of friends, and got this pic with her. :)


Same night. This is Syndi, doing the classic "girl pose" on my bike just before I went home. She and her husband have a '71 HD. See the oil marks under my saddlebag? Those were left by their bike 2 weeks before!
Right after we left Grass Valley, we stopped at the scenic overlook. Terry went to go water the trees and we took a couple of pics.


Right's all green because of me!
At the overlook. We were here just a couple of weeks ago.


Coming up on the Donner Pass scenic overlook.


Roy and I at the Donner overlook. Another great day for a ride.


Terry and Roy warming up a bit before heading into Truckee.


Terry riding by Donner lake. Roy getting gas in Quincy. He saw someone he knew when he was getting gas. Chatted with her for a while, then we headed down the Feather River Canyon.


The Feather River Canyon. It was a beautiful ride, but it started to get pretty warm as we approached Oroville. Saw these two on the way down. Terry made some new friends.


While we were waiting at one of the bridge repair stops, got this pic of Roy with the Feather River just on the other side of him. Stopped at Scooters on the way down. Had a drink, took a pic, then rode home. Got home around 6. A perfect day for a ride.