New Tires


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Saw this movie the night before the ride. This is a very funny movie. Went with my brother and sister-in-law and one of their friends.


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Here's my bike the Friday before. I had just removed the wheels and loaded them up in the car ready to take then to the Honda shop the next morning. Here's the front view. It was pretty easy to take the wheels off. A little more difficult to put them on. It would be easier if there were two people. But, I managed to get the wheels on just before my friend showed up to help. So now that I have my new tires, it's time to test them out and go for a ride.


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Met Roy at Sam's. This guy was asking him about his bike.


Our bikes in the parking lot before going to Sam's to use the little biker room.


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On our way to Cache Creek Casino. This is just outside Knight's Landing. The row of power poles reflecting in the water was neat.


Coming in to Knight's Landing. This was is nice because it's all back roads and there isn't a lot of traffic.


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Just before we hit Zamora, we were on County Rd. 113 near road 98. All of a sudden, there was a naked guy covering himself up waving us down. We didn't stop, but we did go to Zamora and call the police. They were aware of him and had someone on the way. It was so weird. This guy was out in the middle of nowhere butt naked!


These are sheep that I don't collect.
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The hills in between Zamora and Hwy 505 were so green. It was a crisp, cool day, but the scenery was really neat.


Coming in to Esparto. We had just missed the Almond Blossom Festival the weekend before. Oh well.


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Got to Cache Creek and warmed up by the fire before sitting down for lunch. We had the noodles and roast duck. We split it and it was really good.


We also got an order of Char Siu Bao's. This was a great lunch and was just the right amount.


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Bikes parked with all the other bikes. Lots of bikes out today.


Hwy 16 toward Hwy 20. The trees were turning a really nice color.


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The weather and roads were perfect.


There were almost no cars on the road.


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On Walnut Ave. off of Hwy 20. Passing these almond trees, managed to get a good shot of Roy on his new bike.


This is a good shot of Roy on his new bike with the neat trees in the back.
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When we got to Williams, we drove by Mom's old house to check it out. Looks the same. Then, we went to Colusa and cut the square. The theater was playing GhostRider.


Shot of the Buttes on our way to Yuba City.
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Managed to get this neat shot of myself in the mirror. After getting gas at Sam's, I was supposed to head straight home for a dinner date with a friend, but she postponed it. So, we went in to Sam's and had a Coke Float and looked around for a bit before heading out.


Hampton/Smartville Rd just outside of Beale AFB. It was beautiful all the way to Hwy 20.
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On the way to Roy's house. These roads were made for bikes. I honked my goodbye as Roy took off on his road home. I got home with about 200 miles on my new tires. They handled great and were very smooth. I can't wait to go out again soon. I guess I'll be riding solo for a while...unless someone wants to go for a ride? :-)