Nevada County Toy Run 2015


Total Miles = 134

Avg. MPG = 57

Avg Gas Price per Gal = $2.27

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Another year for the Nevada County Toy Run. So many bikes and people. This is a great ride...even if someone hurls a BIGASS rock at you on the run.


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Lots of toys and stuffies riding on the back.


151212a03.jpg (133440 bytes) 151212a04.jpg (126618 bytes)
A whole row of trikes. Looks like they were made from a car chassis.


I wonder how manuerverable this is.


151212a05.jpg (148200 bytes) 151212a06.jpg (94721 bytes)
Big bike next to a little bike.


Roy ran into friends.


151212a07.jpg (128952 bytes) 151212a08.jpg (142335 bytes)
There were several bikes with sidecars.


Most of them had a "passenger".


151212a09.jpg (146542 bytes) 151212a10.jpg (111228 bytes)


Big crowd, and this is only about 1/2 of the parking lot.


151212a11.jpg (122113 bytes) 151212a12.jpg (96324 bytes)
The gas heater was a popular place to hang out.


Riding through Old Town Nevada City.


151212a13.jpg (114165 bytes) 151212a14.jpg (110995 bytes)
Once we got to the Fair Grounds, saw this cool bike.


Out traditional pic in front of the toy dropoff area.


151212a15.jpg (91298 bytes)
So, remember in the beginning, when I said something about having a rock hurled at you? This is the result. It not only broke off my heat shield, but seriously dented the muffler. I thought it had hit my tire, so I didn't even check it until we stopped at the fair grounds. I was very lucky that it hit where it did. And the guy is lucky it was my bike he hit. Could you imagine if he hit a custom bike, or worst, someones leg? At this time (Spring 2016), court proceedings are happening, so I won't update this until everything's over, but check back for video and more pics.
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