23rd Annual Nevada County Toy Run


Total Miles = 137

Avg. MPG = 58

Avg Gas Price per Gal = $2.69

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Nevada County Toy Run 2014. Second year riding in this event. It poured down rain just a couple of days before, so we were very lucky that the weather, although cold, was dry. After getting a cramp in my clutch hand from the first ride, I decided to take the scooter. Much better and made it a lot more fun. This picture was taken with my new "selfie stick" and remote shutter release for the iPhone.


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 Lots of clouds at the beginning of the day.


Someone had a drone with a GoPro filming the event.


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 Very full parking lot.


Parking extended out onto the street.


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Nicely decorated bike.


This guy had ram horns on his helmet.


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 Sled attached to the trailer hitch.


This is a 1970 HD Rapido...and it runs!


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 I wasn't the only scooter at a toy run this time! That's a 125 Honda, 150 Vespa, and in front is a 70cc Honda Passport.


These two were cold and cuddling.
141213a11.jpg (113632 bytes) 141213a12.jpg (135914 bytes)
 Four to a ride.


I liked the snowmen on the passing lamps.


141213a13.jpg (147829 bytes) 141213a14.jpg (114743 bytes)
 People who have been my passenger shouldn't ever complain about my rear seat. It could be worse! Ummm, that's probably not supposed to happen. Luckily, this guy had several people stop to help him. Both he and his passenger were ok. Probably just grabbed too much front brake. (I would know!)


141213a15.jpg (115960 bytes) 141213a16.jpg (137077 bytes)
 Police had all the intersections blocked.


Even the basic girls came out to ride!


141213a17.jpg (130310 bytes) 141213a18.jpg (91739 bytes)
 Entering Nevada City. Waved to a lot of people lining the road.


Bikes for as far as you could see. High-fived everyone I could.


141213a19.jpg (121619 bytes) 141213a20.jpg (112532 bytes)
 There was a line to get into the building to donate the toys.


Lots of kids with signs showing their appreciation for this event.


141213a21.jpg (109999 bytes) 141213a22.jpg (99931 bytes)
 Found Rudolph!


Handing in my toy. She said, "Great, got me with my mouth wide open!"


141213a23.jpg (101342 bytes) 141213a24.jpg (109827 bytes)
 All the toys were put on tables according to age.


This is my favorite table of all.


141213a26.jpg (107098 bytes) 141213a25.jpg (88914 bytes)
 My brother, Roy, and I just after handing in our toys.


Found a "cool" pair of goggles.


141213a27.jpg (157836 bytes) 141213a28.jpg (106499 bytes)
 Parked in the gravel. Ummmm, is this how you park? Yup, grabbed too much front brake as I was turning to the right. No damage, but makes for a funny picture. I'll just tell everyone that my scooter was tired and needed to lay down and rest!
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