Mother's Day Weekend


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Mother's day weekend 2009. We decided to get together on Saturday so everyone could make it to Mom's. Here's the group at dinner.

Left side, front to back: Paul, Jeanette, Sharon, Bill

Right side, front to back: Becky, Joanne, Roy, Ed


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Edward came by around 11am on Saturday. He parked his bike in the garage and unloaded the rollbag and rested before we went to Mom's.


Heading down Elkhorn Blvd on the way to Mom's.
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We got to Mom's and took her car to pick up Anne, and then we headed downtown to this store. It's on 11th St between T and U. Doesn't look like much, but the food is fantastic!


Mom, Anne, and Ed. Ed's pointing out the new windows and front of the store.
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When you walk in to the store, head straight to the back and this is the menu for the food. No tables, everything is to-go.


The guy behind the counter getting our roast duck. Mom had to translate for us a little.
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Cutting up our duck.


Ed's and my bike parked at Carefree.


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Here's the $47 worth of food we got at the store. From upper left going clockwise:

24 Su Mi (pork/shrimp dumpling), 12 Cha Siu Bao (Steamed pork bun), 2 lb. roast duck (Fo Aap), 2  lb roast pork (Fo Yuok )


Ed and his former g/f, Anne.
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Me and Anne. 


Anne and Mom. Anne lives just around the corner from Mom.


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We went to Mom's favorite restaurant for dinner. We love this calamari. It has a salty coating on the veggies, similar to the chicken yucky sauce.


Beef Chow Fun.
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General Chicken. We ended up getting 10 dishes and we had no leftovers.


Sunday morning, Etta Sue came over and we went to Denny's for breakfast.


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After leaving the house, we had to stop in Auburn because Edward forgot to button the bottom of his chaps so they kept flapping around.  We had our Chatterbox's on, so I knew why we had to stop.


Going under the train trestle just outside of Auburn.
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Approaching Emigrant Gap turn off. Nice weather and nice views of the snow on the mountain tops.


Fordyce Creek in the background coming up to the Hwy 20 exit.


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Stopped off at the sand station off Hwy 20 for a little bit of a rest.


Weather was just perfect up here.


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Heading on Hwy 20, there was no one else on the road for about 10 miles.


Buffalo's near Roy and Joanne's house.


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Coming in to Meadow Vista.


Followed this group on Auburn-Folsom road.


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Stopped and got a .39 cent cone at McD's. When I got out to my bike, just after taking this picture, a little red Smart Car goes by, and the woman in the passenger seat looks at me, raises her cone up in a toasting fashion, so I cone-toasted her back. Very cute. If Carla were with me, she'd want to stop here at Sunflower and get a Nut Burger! But I got to bypass it and end my 170 mile ride.